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Keynote: Community, Code and Companies - Mark Hinkle, Director of Open Source Solutions, Citrix


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Keynote: Community, Code and Companies - Mark Hinkle, Director of Open Source Solutions, Citrix

  1. 1. Mark Hinkle Senior Director Open Source Solutions @mrhinkle
  2. 2. The mission of the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) is to provide software for the public good. We do this by providing services and support for many for like- minded software project communities of individuals.
  3. 3. Act in the best interest of their shareholders, customers and employees.
  4. 4. Apache Software Foundation Companies
  5. 5. • Develop non-differentiating features • Promote the core technology • Build the Apache brand • Build the project brands • Improve relationships among like-minded people • Be charitable • Build user base for Apache projects
  6. 6. • Ability to direct funds to projects I care about • Better ability to promote the brand to users, press and analysts • Help make it easier for our business partners to get involved • Make us all successful
  7. 7. • Host events • Create promotional giveaways (free t-shirts) • Help with social media and PR • Provide travel scholarships • Hire Interns • Create goodwill • Create jobs for Apache committers • Sponsor the ASF and ASF events
  8. 8. • Members, PMC boards, committers ask the ASF board to help improve the projects viability • Find a way for companies to help your project and make sure to be consistent with the Apache Way TM • If you ask for help make it clear what you want and why I should care • If you take the help make sure you treat our resources the same way you’d treat your own personal resources
  9. 9. And I work on open source at Citrix.And I work on open source at Citrix. http://open.citrix.com Thank You