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What is ineighbourtv?


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Brief presentation of the iNeighbour TV project

Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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What is ineighbourtv?

  1. 1. What isiNeighbour TV?
  2. 2. A Social TV application targeted at the improvement of senior citizens’ quality of life Structured in six major modulesCommunity Health Leisure Info Communication Wall INTRODUCTION
  3. 3. CommunityConnect your friends and neighboursCall a friendSet up your personal profileSearch for other friends/neighbours(by location, interests and skills) COMMUNITY
  4. 4. Know the TV channels being watched by the community Establishing an audio callCOMMUNITY
  5. 5. Editing interests and skills Searching for usersCOMMUNITY
  6. 6. HealthTake care of yourself Know what medications to take Check the medical exams and appointments Search for on-duty pharmacies Alert caregivers of potential emergency situations. HEALTH
  7. 7. Verifying the medication agenda Receiving a medication reminderHEALTH
  8. 8. LeisureSocialize with your friends Create events (games, walk/trips or meetings) and invite friends Check the events calendar Create or join work offers on a voluntary basis LEISURE
  9. 9. Checking social events Checking voluntary work offersLEISURE
  10. 10. InformationBe informed Check the weather forecast and get recommendations for outdoor activities based on that Be advised of weather or other protection warnings Check the sea conditions INFORMATION
  11. 11. Checking the weather forecast Receiving a recommendation to create an eventINFORMATION
  12. 12. CommunicationCall or Chat with your friends Read and send SMS through the TV Make audio calls to other TVs within the iNeighbour TV system or to regular phones HEALTH
  13. 13. WallKeep up to date Get status updates from the community Get medication reminders PLACARD
  14. 14. Checking the social activity of the community Receiving a friendship requestPLACARD