Facebook Timeline & Open Graph Platform Briefing 08/2012


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On their annual f8-event in September 2011, Facebook introduced the biggest change to the platform since 
News-Feed in 2006: Timeline & Open Graph

In this briefing we want to give you an overview on these game-changing features, especially focussing on the opportunities they represent for publishers, developers and brands.

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Facebook Timeline & Open Graph Platform Briefing 08/2012

  1. 1. Facebook Timeline & Open GraphPlatform Briefing - Die Socialisten 08/2012 (Photo: Facebook.com)
  2. 2. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineOn their annual f8-event in September 2011, Facebookintroduced the biggest change to the platform sinceNews-Feed in 2006:Timeline & Open GraphIn this briefing we want to give you an overview on thesegame-changing features, especially focussing on theopportunities they represent for publishers, developersand brands.Let’s take a look at the new Timeline-profiles first... die.socialisten.at social network development
  3. 3. Cover - Fill this wide,open space with a uniqueimage that represents youbest. Its the first thingpeople see when they visityour timeline. die.socialisten.at social network development
  4. 4. Stories - Share andhighlight your mostmemorable posts,photos and lifeevents on yourtimeline. This iswhere you can tellyour story frombeginning, tomiddle, to now. die.socialisten.at social network development
  5. 5. Timeline-stories arebasically a two-column, chronologicalstream of all youractivitiy on Facebook:Photos, Checkins,Status-Updates, Likes,Friends... die.socialisten.at social network development
  6. 6. Watch out! Apps can publishto your Timeline as well!Instead of the good-oldWall-Posting, Timeline-appscan publish and display allsorts of actions! die.socialisten.at social network development
  7. 7. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineThe basic idea behind Timeline-/Open Graph-Apps:People already are using apps (on Facebook, on the Web, Mobile).People are doing all kinds of things on these apps (listening tosongs, watching movies, publishing what books they read, recordingtheir sports-activities etc.). Let’s call these activities ”actions”.Now, let people continue using their apps the way they are alreadydoing it (no need to force them into new “Facebook-Canvas-Apps”).Instead: let them publish all actions they want to their Timeline-profile, by connecting your app to the Open Graph! die.socialisten.at social network development
  8. 8. Rewind:Open Graph ProtocolReleased in 2010, Open Graph Protocol allowed publishers toconnect their websites, blogs, apps with the Facebook Social Graph.How? By adding the Like-Button: die.socialisten.at social network development
  9. 9. Open Graph Protocol connected users and objects with one type ofedge - the “like”. The objects (mostly articles, videos...) areincorporated into Facebooks social graph.
  10. 10. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineWith Timeline / Open Graph, Facebook allows developers to publishalmost any kind of connection between users and objects.Objects can be any piece of content (music, video, article...), butalso more app-specific things - a running-route, a comment on abook, a recipe...Actions can be all kinds of verbs - read, listen to, watch, cook,recommend, collect, run, comment... die.socialisten.at social network development
  11. 11. With Open Graph, users can connect with objects with all sortsof actions! Everything is represented in Facebooks social graph.
  12. 12. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineHow & when are Open Graph Actions published?In some cases, actions can be published automatically,after a user has consumed content for a while (Audio,Video, News).However, users should always be able to easily un-publish and opt-out).In most cases, actions should be published when theuser takes the particular action in your app.When a comment is posted, a rating done, a friend followed etc. die.socialisten.at social network development
  13. 13. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineTwo important caveats:1. Users have to approve each app, before it is allowed topublish to their timeline! Actions will never be publishedwithout the users explicit consent! die.socialisten.at social network development
  14. 14. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineTwo important caveats:2. All actions a developer wantsto use, must be approved byFacebook first!The Approval-Process normallytakes a few days max.Facebook checks on grammar,user-experience, abuse etc. die.socialisten.at social network development
  15. 15. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineSo, where are actions displayed, once they are being published?They’re featured on the new Ticker in Realtime.They’re featured in Postings & Aggregations on Timeline-Profiles.They’re featured in Timeline-Views of the app on profiles.They’re featured in the News-Feed, when deemed more important orwhen several users performed similar actions (Cluster).All your friends can see published actions, wether they have installedthe app, from which actions are originating from, or not! die.socialisten.at social network development
  16. 16. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineNext, we’ll demonstrate all kinds of exposure Open Graph-actionscan get by showing our first Open Graph App, the Last.fmScrobbler. Everytime a user listens to a song, the “Scrobble”-actionis published (think Spotify).It’s approved by Facebook and you can try it out today:http://www.facebook.com/LastfmScrobblerOther Showcase-apps you should try outto get to know Open Graph better include:Spotifyhttp://www.spotify.com (Music)Mein Klubhttp://apps.facebook.com/meinklub (Sports)Washington Post Social Readerhttp://apps.facebook.com/wpsocialreader (News)The Guardianhttp://apps.facebook.com/theguardian (News) die.socialisten.at social network development
  17. 17. Actions are displayed on the Ticker inrealtime. On Mouseover, a flyout showsmore detail on the preformed action &object. The ticker is filtered byGraphRank! die.socialisten.at social network development
  18. 18. Important & more frequent actions arehighlighted & clustered in the News-Feed! die.socialisten.at social network development
  19. 19. Frequently used apps andmedia-types (“Music”,“Video”, “News”) arerepresented in boxes onthe top of a usersTimeline-Profile. die.socialisten.at social network development
  20. 20. Published actions arealso aggregated furtherdown the profile - f.e.monthly summaries ofactivity die.socialisten.at social network development
  21. 21. Users can add buttons for the appsthey like most on the top of theirprofile - these buttons load the“Timeline-View” of the app... die.socialisten.at social network development
  22. 22. The “Timeline-View” of anapp shows a chronologicalview of all actions theuser has published with it. die.socialisten.at social network development
  23. 23. Why build forFacebook Open Graph / Timeline?Open Graph allows users to build their digital identity in the domainof your app and bring this identity to Facebook.Open Graph allows deep integration for apps & content withFacebooks Social Graph. It allows your app to perfectly integrate withFacebooks social channels (News-Feed, profiles/walls, Ticker).Open Graph is also key for offering a personalized experience tousers. By using Social Plugins like Facepile & Recent Activitypersonalization can be quickly added to apps. die.socialisten.at social network development
  24. 24. Why build forFacebook Open Graph / Timeline?Actions published through your App receive a great amount ofexposure on the platform, and therefore can drive massive traffic toyour app or content-site:Early results from US-centric Showcase-apps are very promising:Yahoo! News (+600% Referral-Traffic von Facebook)The Independent (>1mio monthly active users)The Guardian (4mio app installs)Washington Post (3.5mio app installs)Source: Facebook (https://developers.facebook.com/blog/post/603/) die.socialisten.at social network development
  25. 25. The rollout -Facebook Open Graph / TimelineFacebook started the public rollout of Timeline (and also theapproval of Open Graph-apps) in January 2012.At the bottom of https://www.facebook.com/about/timeline, you cancheck out how many of your friends are on Timeline already(for me it was about 86% in August 2012). die.socialisten.at social network development
  26. 26. The rollout -Facebook Open Graph / TimelineEventually everybody will (have to) switch to Timeline. If you haven’tbeen asked to switch by Facebook yet, here is an easy guide to turnon Timeline manually:http://techcrunch.com/2011/09/22/how-to-enable-facebook-timeline/Remember: you can start launching Open Graph / Timeline-apps justnow! Users on the old profile just won’t be able to fully experience theapps yet. die.socialisten.at social network development
  27. 27. When not to build forFacebook Open Graph / Timeline?- Apps with an very low expected user-base (<5k, better to have >10k)- Apps running for a very limited amount of time (short-live marketing campaigns)- Apps accompanying marketing campaigns without much or any user-interaction (think Tab-apps)Instead:- Think about merging several campaigns into one with a larger userbare.- Think about how campaigns could grow into a long-lived, substantial app! die.socialisten.at social network development
  28. 28. Thanks! Michael Kamleitnermichael.kamleitner@socialisten.at +43 699 11607923