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Facebook Timeline & Open Graph Platform Briefing 11/2012


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On their annual f8-event in September 2011, Facebook introduced the biggest change to the platform since 
News-Feed in 2006: Timeline & Open Graph

In this briefing we want to give you an overview on these game-changing features, especially focussing on the opportunities they represent for publishers, startups and brands. Also included are our learnings from +1 year development on the Open Graph, best practises, recent changes, how to increase visibility of your stories etc.

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Facebook Timeline & Open Graph Platform Briefing 11/2012

  1. thanks for the ad(d).Facebook Timeline & Open GraphPlatform Briefing - Die Socialisten 11/2012 (Photo:
  2. About: Die Socialisten"Die Socialisten" is a Vienna-based social-software agencyfocussing on the design & implementation ofapplications and marketing-solutions on social webplatforms like Facebook.To date, we have successfully built more than onehundredbrand-pages, applications and integrations of externalwebsites.Our clients include Red Bull, Axel Springer/,Bertelsmann, FTD, Krone Multimedia, ATV and Hitradio Ö3."Die Socialisten" are Austrias first agency listed in theofficial "Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer"-program. | social network development
  3. Intro: What isOpen Graph / Timeline?
  4. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineOn their annual f8-event in September 2011, Facebookintroduced the biggest change to the platform sinceNews-Feed in 2006:Timeline & Open GraphIn this briefing we want to give you an overview on thesegame-changing features, especially focussing on theopportunities they represent for publishers, brands andstartups.Plus: Lessons learned after developing +1 year for theOpen Graph and launching numerous apps... social network development
  5. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineThe basic idea behind Timeline-/Open Graph-Apps:People already are using apps (on Facebook, on the Web, Mobile).People are doing all kinds of things on these apps (listening tosongs, watching movies, publishing what books they read, recordingtheir sports-activities etc.). Let’s call these activities ”actions”.Now, let people continue using their apps the way they are alreadydoing it (no need to force them into new “Facebook-Canvas-Apps”).Instead: let them publish all actions they want to their Timeline-profile, by connecting your app to the Open Graph! social network development
  6. Rewind:Open Graph ProtocolReleased in 2010, Open Graph Protocol allowed publishers toconnect their websites, blogs, apps with the Facebook Social Graph.How? By adding the Like-Button: social network development
  7. Open Graph Protocol connected users and objects with one type ofedge - the “like”. The objects (mostly articles, videos...) areincorporated into Facebooks social graph.
  8. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineWith Timeline / Open Graph, Facebook allows developers to publishalmost any kind of connection between users and objects.Objects can be any piece of content (music, video, article...), butalso more app-specific things - a running-route, a comment on abook, a recipe...Actions can be all kinds of verbs - read, listen to, watch, cook,recommend, collect, run, comment... social network development
  9. With Open Graph, users can connect with objects with all sortsof actions! Everything is represented in Facebooks social graph.
  10. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineHow & when are Open Graph Actions published?In some cases, actions can be published automatically,after a user has consumed content for a while (Audio,Video, News) = “Passive Sharing”However, users should always be able to easily un-publish and opt-out.Examples: Spotify, Social Reader-Apps...In most cases, actions should be published when theuser takes the particular action in your app =“Explicit Sharing”When a comment is posted, a rating done, a friend followed etc. social network development
  11. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineTwo important caveats:1. Users have to approve each app, before it is allowed topublish to their timeline! Actions will never be publishedwithout the users explicit consent! social network development
  12. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineTwo important caveats:2. All actions a developer wantsto use, must be approved byFacebook first!The Approval-Process normallytakes a few days max.Facebook checks on grammar,user-experience, abuse etc. social network development
  13. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineWhy start building for Open Graph today?Actions published through your App receive a great amount ofexposure on the platform, and therefore can drive massive traffic toyour app or content-site:Early results from US-centric Showcase-apps are very promising:Yahoo! News (+600% Referral-Traffic von Facebook)The Independent (>1mio monthly active users)The Guardian (4mio app installs)Washington Post (3.5mio app installs)Source: Facebook ( social network development
  14. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineWhat type of apps can integrate with Open Graph?- Stand-alone Web-Apps ( Canvas- & Tab-Apps within Facebook ( Mobile Web-Apps- Native iOS- & Android-Apps- social network development
  15. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineNot only content-sites, but apps & startups as well!Lots of showcases incl. numbers, best practises can be found at: (search f. “spotlight”) social network development
  16. Intro: Facebook Open Graph / -40% bouncerate f. Facebook-referrals, spotlightfriends’ activity, easy sharing of listened music. social network development
  17. Intro: Facebook Open Graph / Increased Facebook-Referral Traffic x2! social network development
  18. Intro: Facebook Open Graph / Timelineendomodo: Increased Facebook-Referral Traffic x1.75,No. of shared stories on Facebook x2.5! social network development
  19. Distribution: Where onFacebook are Open Graph- actions displayed?
  20. Intro:Facebook Open Graph / TimelineSo, where are actions displayed, once they are being published?They’re featured in the News-Feed, when deemed more important orwhen similar actions have been performed (Cluster).They’re featured on the new Ticker in Realtime.They’re featured in Stories & Aggregations on Timeline-Profiles.They’re featured in app-specific Timeline-Views on profiles.Not all published actions will be displayed in every channel!All your friends can see published actions, wether they have installedthe app, from which actions are originating from, or not! social network development
  21. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Newsfeed - Single Action: Available f. all Custom Actions, but heavily filtered by GraphRank (=most OG-actions won’t be displayed in Newsfeed!) social network development
  22. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Newsfeed - Multiple Actions: Available f. all Custom Actions, but heavily filtered by GraphRank (=most OG- actions won’t be displayed in Newsfeed!) social network development
  23. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Newsfeed - Aggregated: Only f. Built-in Actions (maybe even only “listen”?) - Heavily filtered by GraphRank social network development
  24. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Newsfeed - Aggregated: Only f. Built-in Action “read”. Only displayed if a no. of friends have read the article! social network development
  25. Distribution: Where are Actions being displayed? Ticker:Contains moreactions, but isstill filtered, sof.e. not every songlistened on Spotifyis displayed! social network development
  26. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Timeline - Stories: Most actions won’t be displayed as separate story. There are some tricks though :) social network development
  27. Distribution: Where are Actions being displayed? Timeline - Aggregations:Facebook will displayaggregations for mostfrequently used apps only! social network development
  28. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Timeline - App-Views: social network development
  29. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Timeline - App-Views: App-specific Views are quite hidden, only user can set visible tiles! Still a great feature to show off all your aggregations! social network development
  30. Distribution:Where are Actions being displayed?Dev-Tip: Users see all published actions in the “Activity Log” -contains all actions, from all apps, no matter how it was published! social network development
  31. The Activity Log: If its not there,it probably hasn’t been published at all! social network development
  32. Insights:Some real-life data!
  33. Insights:Some real-life data Scrobbler f. Facebook social network development
  34. Insights:Some real-life data Scrobbler f. Facebook >80k MAU social network development
  35. Insights:Some real-life data Scrobbler f. Facebook >120mio Actions published in 2012 social network development
  36. Insights:Some real-life dataCTR & Distribution of Impressions: social network development
  37. Insights:Some real-life dataRetention: social network development
  38. Best Practise: How-to getthe most out of Open Graph for your app!
  39. Best Practise:Built-in Open Graph-ActionsFor content-heavy sites (news, video, music):Use the built-in actions read, watch, listen!Feel free to share these actions passively!(=in the background, with no explicit user-interaction)Give users a clear indication thatthey’ve published an action!Give users an easy undo-option and/or history/logto un-publish their actions!Give users an easy way to opt-outfor the session or even forever! social network development
  40. Best Practise: Built-in Open Graph-ActionsOpt-out, Indication & Undo social network development
  41. Best Practise: Built-in Open Graph-ActionsAction-History/Log social network development
  42. Best Practise:Custom Open Graph-ActionsAdd 3+ Custom Open Graph-actionsthat mirror the interactions users naturally take in your app!Add rich OG meta-data your OG-objects!Connect your OG-object-model!Build rich stories for your published OG-actions!Build attractive aggregations for Timeline!Watch out: Passive Sharing is not allowed for CustomActions starting February 2013! social network development
  43. Best Practise:Custom Open Graph-Actions social network development
  44. Best Practise:Custom Open Graph-ActionsLet users enter custom messages! social network development
  45. Best Practise:Custom Open Graph-ActionsInter-connect your OG-object-model & add rich metadata! social network development
  46. Best Practise:Custom Open Graph-ActionsLet users upload images & add location! social network development
  47. Best Practise:Custom Open Graph-ActionsUse @-mentions to Tag friends! social network development
  48. Best Practise:Custom Open Graph-ActionsHow-to increase visibility of Custom Actionsin Newsfeed and other channels!- Add OG-metadata to your stories!- Let users add custom text-messages- Let users add location- Let users upload images- Let users @-mention friends- Use “fb_explicit_sharing”-Option when publishing social network development
  49. Die SocialistenApps Showcase 2012Mein Klub Scrobbler f. Facebook Social TV ampunkt Reader Widget Wall social network development
  50. “Facebook Programmierung -Entwicklung von Social Apps & Websites”Michael Kamleitner, Galileo Computing 2012 social network development
  51. die.socialisten.atsocial network development
  52. Michael KamleitnerDie Socialistenm: +43 699 116 07 923e: michael.kamleitner@socialisten.atf: