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Use folders on windows phone mango


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Follow the instructions to use Folders on Windows Phone 7.5 Mango. Before following this tutorial you should make sure that your device is developer unlocked

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Use folders on windows phone mango

  1. 1.  Last week, one of the most exciting demo was revealed displaying Folders on Windows Phone. While Android and iOS owners like the folders option for their devices, Windows Phone owners are yet to enjoy it. Folder option became so demanding that developers have to release it for a general public use. Prior to now, we mentioned an idea which brings the same functionality to WP .
  2. 2.  any other homebrew app, Folders likewise need surely have developer unlocked Windows Phone, which can be achieved using chevron (it may come soon at $9) unlock too l. While were talking about this application then it is a fantastic start for WP users since they would love to do away with some applications from start menu to raised organized folders.
  3. 3.  Android and iOS owners contain a freedom to group the applications or games based on category into single Folder.For example all of the internet sites apps is going to be under ‘Social folder’. Now, similar operation can be executed (but in a little more restricted manner) on Windows Phone in addition. This homebrew application is released today after it saw a greater demand through the community users. It was initially demonstrated a week ago on XDA forum.
  4. 4.  The homebrew application—named as Folders for Windows Phone Mango –has been developed by the people over at Windows Phone Hacker. Even though this rentals are seems quite useful yet it has few stumbling block before it basks in whole glory.They in addition has outlined the reality that its not at all as foolproof as they wouldve liked so that it is. The down-side with the application is you need Folders Config desktop application everytime you have to adjust something. It will do this functions
  5. 5.  Add Folder to the List Add applications into the Folders Follow the instructions given below to add Folders to Windows Phone Mango
  6. 6.  Note: Before using this tutorial you have to make sure that that your particular device is developer unlocked, otherwise you won’t be capable of deploy XAP file for your device. Step 1: Download the foldersconfig file from here Step 2: Extract this zip file and run FoldersConfig.exe
  7. 7.  Step 3: Create a new Folder and add several application as you may want Step 4: Before adding the application you need to do an instant marketplace search to be able to add this application in your device. Step 5: Connect your phone and sync it with Zune, put it on the start screen and press Deploy
  8. 8.  Step 6: An application commence with your Folder will be upon your phone with listing of your folders (if there is multiple folders put together by you) Step 7: Simply tap over a folders and pin these to the start screen That’s it!!!
  9. 9.  Remember, you should utilize desktop FoldersConfig.exe file each time you ought to adjust something in folders. It is little bit annoying, but we will have to live with it until and unless Microsoft provides us a simple way to implement it.