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Paintless dent repair training


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Paintless dent repair training

  1. 1.  Paintless dent repair is the procedure where dents and dings are removed using minor stress and hand resources to massage them out completely. When one does paintless dent repair you might be in effect a metal designer and the process is artistic to say the least. A good tech generally studies for 5-10 years before they become proficient and they questionwhy it takes so long. You are rubbing metal and that process isnt a thing that is realized in a day or a month even a year.
  2. 2.  Some PDR technicians journey the world pushing out dents from all corners of the Earth. The business in ding repair is very profitable. Many people dont know a decent PDR Tech can make plastic surgeon cash or even better. Paintless dent fix techs can push out door dings, hail damage and even large dents caused by big objects. Dents in aluminium and steel can be removed and even lines and bodyline dents too.
  3. 3.  A few people think paintless dent repair cannot equal the quality of a colouring and body repair. But those who have witnessed it know all too well PDR can actually surpass traditional body and paint because the original paint is left in act and the unique paint brings more worth to the car when left unique. Repainting a car brings the worth down and that will only hurt resale values.
  4. 4.  If you think paintless dent repair cannot take out big dents, creases or bodyline dents in tight areas or tough situations you are wrong. Many PDR techs also use glue to remove dents or additional adhesives. These techniques can shrink the dent so the actual tech can attack the place without stressing about paint cracking since the glue pulls the dent up and the remainder is removed using traditional PDR methods of hand tools and artistry
  5. 5.  . Paintless dent repair is taught by many schools including the Superior Auto Institute at superior auto institute as well as no dents and others. An excellent school will teach the process hands on regarding weeks at a time, difficult the students into tough scenarios and difficult dents. To correctly do PDR a tech needs at least 50 tools, accessories, PDR lighting, PDR boards and other essentials. Many PDR techs wet sand dents once they are done doing a repair.
  6. 6.  Some PDR techs think that a few tools can get the job done, but when they soon see all the unique cars and special dent areas, they soon realize at least 50 tools are needed to get the job done.
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