How to Install Siri on iPad


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This i4Siri proxy tutorial will install and activate Siri on iPad or iPad 2 device. iPhone 4S would have been failure without presence of Siri

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How to Install Siri on iPad

  1. 1. Credit The imod
  2. 2.  Most likely, iPhone 4S is a big failure minus the existence of Siri. When Apple launched iPhone 4S, Siri was the quintessential feature of the product. For little more than a quarter there are hundreds, or even thousands, of Siri clones presents in Android and iOS marketplace, but none of them ones came near the satisfaction level that Siri offered
  3. 3.  The reason Siri evolved into an everyday routine of advanced users of iOS community is its simplicity and ease with which it could possibly offer assistance to the final-users. You can manage calendars, schedule meeting, search weather or pull weather forecast data, locate your buddies, do a google search and pull data from it and do much more things by it.
  4. 4.  The Siri is incorporated into iPhone 4S and Apple does not have any promises to distributed around A4 devices as of now. Recent The new iPad event made Apple’s intention clear. This has left iOS community users to shift onto jailbreak community and adopt a number of the cydia tweaks to offer the same.
  5. 5.  Yesterday, we covered a functioning Siri proxy called GRWH proxy for iphone/3GS and ipod itouch users. This left iPad users in agitation as they couldn’t take pleasure in the same on their own device. Well, there are tons proxy available which you can put on your device. We are going to cover one too here. If we do bit help from Spire and proxy server, users can install Siri on iPad too. While Spire provides Siri like interface or GUI, it entirely will depend on the proxy server for its function.
  6. 6.  Before being sold to installing i4Siri proxy server on your own device, you need to understand the prerequisite. You’ve to jailbreak your iDevice first. When you’re already using latest iOS 5.1 firmware then look no further. Follow our step-by-step tutorial to jailbreak iOS 5.1 with redsn0w (note: it is a tethered jailbreak since writing).
  7. 7.  Step 1: Install Spire first. Just launch Cydia and search for Spire. It will eventually download over 100MB files so ensure you’re using WiFi connection. Step 2: Once installed, visit Settings-> General –> Siri and ensure that Toggle is ON. It will activate the Siri like of Spire. Step 3: Open Safari and open following URL It will prompt someone to install the certificate.
  8. 8.  Step 4: Now check out Settings-> Spire and add these URL in Proxy Host field That’s it!!! Just gently push your Home button and also you’ll Siri actually talking to you. Since it is a public proxy, some find it tiny bit slow or Siri may well not respond in the least. In most of the case, it should work flawlessly.
  9. 9.  Step 1: Head to Cydia and repo Step 2: Add also Step 3: Search and install i4Siri iPad Step 4: Now head over to Settings-> General-> Siri and ensure Siri is ON
  10. 10.  Step 5: Resume Settings-> i4siri and click on install certificate Step 6 : Visit Settings-> Spire and enter proxy address It will install and activate Siri on iPad or iPad 2 device. Inform us in the event you’re having any trouble installing Siri on iPad.
  11. 11. 