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Capture screenshots on windows phone


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Microsoft has not facilitate option to capture screenshots of apps on Windows Phone. People were expecting to get screenshot feature when Mango OS released

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Capture screenshots on windows phone

  1. 1.  Unlike iPhone, Microsoft has not facilitate an in-built substitute for capture the screenshots of apps and games on Windows Phone. People (mostly power users and tech bloggers like us) were hoping to receive a really good screenshot feature when Microsoft launched Mango OS to public, earlier last month.
  2. 2.  However, it never happened. Although, as a normal user you wouldnt bother much about such feature , but it is a big help when you need to showcase most of the apps and games for your friends.
  3. 3.  Apple did assimilate this feature long back and now even Google released an in-built screenshot capture facility with Ice Cream Sandwich OS. Windows Phone power users do not need to feel shy about their OS as Microsoft has integrated 500 new feature in the new OS.
  4. 4.  Talking about the screenshot capture facility, then we have XDA forum member who has just released an app that permit you to have a great screenshots on Windows Phone Mango.
  5. 5.  The applying is called as ‘Screen Capturer’, making it possible to take screenshots employing your camera button. Users can manage many of the screenshots within the application itself. This application does have few limitations as if it saves files to temporary file as opposed to picture hub, game and films are not supported yet.
  6. 6.  Follow the mentioned steps to get the things done from Screen Capturer Windows Phone app. In the application click ‘Start Capture Task’ to get started on capturing During this time an application will take note of Camera button event
  7. 7.  Navigate to any other Windows Phone application and then click Camera button to start capturing the screenshots. Once done a notification will ask you to save the image, tap toast revisit the application.
  8. 8.  As you tap the thumbnails, it would delete the files trapped in temporary image file. Images will probably be then saved in Picture Hub. Read more about this application and updated from here.