Best Twitter Apps for Windows Phone


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There are many twitter apps for windows phone in the marketplace, but we feel that these four are best apps than other available in marketplace

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Best Twitter Apps for Windows Phone

  1. 1. Best Twitter App for WP Credit: http://withwindows
  2. 2. • Earlier last week, the production of Carbon for WP app ignited the large debate for the best twitter app/clients accessible for• Windows Phone. Searching marketplace will yield hundreds of applications, which inadvertently results in our inutile app collections.
  3. 3. • While Windows Phone marketplace remains raw and relatively recent, it will have any breathtaking apps for users.• Twitter needs no introduction. Inarguably, twitter is the foremost microblogging platform open to date.•
  4. 4. • While 140 characters is very much a bantam figure, it does serve in providing latest trending topics in almost all the area.• Consequently tech pundits, Internet marketers, fashion design, celebrities or bots, no person could save themselves from falling deeply in love with Twitter.
  5. 5. • A year ago, Microsoft went one step ahead and integrated Twitter in WP OS. Although, the default twitter app was quite useful, the traditional user is definitely• lured by alternative clients, given that they offer additional useful features compared to native app does.
  6. 6. • In the past, we carefully filtered out junk apps and covered only featured-rich twitter clients for Windows Phone users.
  7. 7. Best Twitter Apps for Windows Phone
  8. 8. • Their email list offers the application according to sheer features and usefulness aspects keeping within the mind.• Carbon for WP: Hailing from webOS platform, Carbon is possibly by far the most anticipated twitter client for Windows Phone.
  9. 9. • Keeping aside all the drama that happened in past several months,• Carbon has finally landed in marketplace yesterday. It arrives with multiple account support, URL shortening service, Custom URL shortening, Read it Later, Image Upload and plenty other highlights.•
  10. 10. • Quick reply, pin search, mention and also other live tiles on your homescreen too.• Next version was set to look on 15th February, nevertheless it hasn’t shown up in the marketplace yet. Next version brings
  11. 11. • push notification, free trial offer as well as improvement.Carbon twitter app can be obtained at $1.99 in marketplace.
  12. 12. Download Carbon for WP
  13. 13. • Seesmic: When it comes to manage multiple social media account, no app can beat Seesmic. In truth, Seesmic app is available about the major platform originating in• PC to mobile platform like iOS. User can manage multiple social network account in the single place.
  14. 14. • Track reply, mentions, direct message and just about anything on the application. You may also create a Live Tile all of the above and pin it to homescreen for faster access.• Seesmic app for Windows Phone supports multiple twitter accounts, Facebook and Chatter account.
  15. 15. Download Seesmic for Windows Phone• Mehdoh: Based on our option, Mehdoh is probably the best twitter app for Windows Phone. Considering the quantity of features, Mehdoh easily outsmarts the other apps.• The toast notification is notably by far the most useful feature for active twitter user. It not only
  16. 16. • support live tiles but also uses turn up toast notification tell you your mentions on twitter.• Besides it can support image uploading, pin contacts, translations, Make out the print Later, tweet music that you are playing along with other number of features.
  17. 17. • Read more twitter app for Windows Phone