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The Arabic language was a
barrier when I visited the country,but surprisingly many spoke English and i got to learn few
Arabic words myself.I often do Arabic chat or Arab chat

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Arabic chat

  1. 1. Arabic chat
  2. 2. My Visit to Syria• It really is incredible how many languages and cultures exist in this planet, some we have been informed of and many we never heard about.• Getting to discover and know about a diverse culture and language is a life time experience that only add your our education and background and make us think about the multifariousness that this globe hold. In North America, for instance, most of us were lucky enough to live this experience by meeting many ethnicities and backgrounds, specially in big cities.
  3. 3. • Several cultural thing we will discover strange and several well find very interesting and we start developing this effigy about each culture we experience, that what tends to make it exclusive.• I have usually had interest in the Arab culture, specifically after i took a holiday to Syria and Lebanon back in 2004.
  4. 4. • I learned that Arabic culture is identical in many middle eastern countries. Syria and Lebanon were almost the same culture due to their physical nearness to each others.• I made many Arab, Syrian and Lebanese good friends while thither, that Im still in contact with many till today.
  5. 5. • What I mostly liked in my visit and about the Arab cultures was their way in the social life, these people love to socialize, talk and chat with each others constantly.• They love to hang out in restaurants, hookah lounges and parks. I had some of the best food that I have not had a chance to taste before.
  6. 6. • Yes the Arabic language was a barrier, but surprisingly many spoke English and i got to learn few Arabic words my self.• I met Sara from Lebanon and Ahmad from Syria, whom i still talk to till now. I actually met Sara in a Lebanon chat room online and when I decided to visit the Arab world, Sara was my guide.
  7. 7. • Same applies for Ahmad, whom i met in Syria chat room in an Arabic chat site. Online social networks rally eased communication and gave me a chance to meet new friends that actually helped me when i planned my trip to Syria and Lebanon.• At this point, that I am just no longer there, i still pay a visit to the Arab chat and communicate with many good friends striving to grab and find out few Arabic words every time.
  8. 8. • Even though, I was not successful studying how to cook the good Arabic food that i had, let me tell you it is not that easy.
  9. 9. In loving memory of my Arab Friends•