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Follr Business Overview


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Published in: Technology
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Follr Business Overview

  1. 1. Digital Identity for Businesses and Individuals.
  2. 2. PROBLEMBusinesses are struggling with new technology. MOBILE SOCIAL LOCALMobile Application Social Media is Fragmented & > $20,000! Overwhelming Complex
  3. 3. SOLUTIONFollr Business does it all - affordably. MOBILE SOCIAL LOCALSites adapt for Smart Social Media Integration Distribution to > 150 Phones & Tablets. & Outreach. local directories.
  4. 4. PROBLEMPeople are struggling to manage online life. PROFILES BRAND INFLUENCEMany profiles but How can I best How do I leveragewhich ONE is me? represent me? my influence?
  5. 5. SOLUTION Follr organizes links, content and influence. PROFILES BRAND INFLUENCE Add all your links One curated site Klout, Kred andand stream live content. that’s all about you. PeerIndex in once place.
  6. 6. INTEGRATED SOLUTION Businesses Leverage Employees. FOLLR BUSINESS SITE FOLLR PERSONAL SITES «- Corporate branding, traffic { } Syndicated social media -» } Links to employee sites -»Corporate social media is shared at the employee level to increased reach.Employee sites drive awareness and traffic to the business site.
  7. 7. Stephen Fells, CEOsteve@follr.com