What Makes A Great Facebook Ad Campaign — Justin Kistner (Social Fresh WEST 2012)


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  • -First you have to believe the market is going here. It ’s the natural evolution. -why isn ’t everyone jumping into this and offering solutions here? Its technically very challenging! It’s a fundamentally different way of advertising and its challenging b/c it requires you to integrate with several of Facebooks API’s (not just the ads api) New API integrations. Ad creative is the page post – so in order to effectively select the top performing page posts to sponsor we need the data. Collaboration tools are needed. The success of the paid media “Amplification” depends on the community manager to post effective content for ad amplification. They are not equipped with tools to collaborate and have insight into the paid media results. Data storage and insights are challenging. Instead of measuring impressions, clicks, fans, you are measuring 100 ’s of engagement and insight metrics that Facebook tracks. And now that you are offering the entire marketing cycle – you need to have a 360 degree view of insights to see how each piece is affecting the other. Storing and displaying these real time insights in an intelligent way is challenging. There are bolt on approaches out there – but having a single sign on and effectively working in different products does not solve the problem. The massive opportunity in this market is a platform that “ties it all together”.
  • Page Posts that worked well Anything with the word Like in it Like milestone posts Mobile Ad Placements are crushing it Believe it or not, oCPM bidding is pretty awesome. Pretty much makes bid optimization obsolete Explain oCPM bidding
  • What Makes A Great Facebook Ad Campaign — Justin Kistner (Social Fresh WEST 2012)

    1. 1. What makes agreat Facebookad campaign?Justin Kistner, Product
    2. 2. Founded 2009 Performance 4 of top 5 Almost 200Bn roots: CPL, CPI, largest Facebook impressions and CPA advertisers managed MSP SFO CHI NYC LAX WDC Copyright © 2012 by Spruce Media @justinkistner
    3. 3. Small Spend Big Spend• Less than $50K • $500-1M+ per month• Cost effectiveness • Deliverability• Direct ROI • Build brand, increase consideration Copyright © 2012 by Spruce Media @justinkistner
    4. 4. En 2 row Publish to A fan base fans gagG with Like ads 1 e Your Page Ads with Friends Sponsored Stories Copyright © 2012 by Spruce Media @justinkistner
    5. 5. Mobile Phone • Test and learnManufacturer • Page posts• Hired for fan growth • Page Like Sponsored Stories• 60% cheaper than next best competitor evaluated • Mobile Ad Placements • oCPM bidding Copyright © 2012 by Spruce Media @justinkistner
    6. 6. Leading Snack • Targeted brand affinity groupsBrand • Custom Open Graph Sponsored• Use social app to get customer Stories input on a new flavor• Maximize installs with low cost • Tested engagement for various• per install (CPI) Avg. CPI at 300-600% less ad units than industry average • Discovered App Used and App Shared Sponsored Stories had highest engagement • External URL had lowest engagement Copyright © 2012 by Spruce Media @justinkistner
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