Paid Blogger Outreach - Eric Gottloeb (Social Fresh WEST 2013)


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  • Walgreens thinks about marketing in 3 ways – how does the blogger think, how does the consumer thing, how does the marketing think etc.
  • Speaking notes – first person story of my blogger friend, Jill - discuss her story which was on my blog post
  • Speaking notes – discuss the story of my friend Chris who just hates ads online. Your everyday consumer goes online for what? Check the news. Read their favorite blog. Look at Facebook or Twitter or Buzzfeed. Hit up Google or Bing to search for something. Shop maybe? That’s what we’re all really hoping for, right? But this isn’t about us, its about the consumer. So we’re looking at all of these websites, and what are we seeing? Ads.
  • Speaking notes – talk about FBX and the consumer mindset here
  • Speaking notes – my person nemesis as a consumer *update image example
  • Speaking notes – This kind of thing drives the consumer nuts. The ads are rarely anything we want to see. If I’m looking at a news site, I’m looking for news. If I’m looking at Buzzfeed, I likely want to laugh and so on. If I’m actually shopping I’m very purposeful. I’m looking for recommendations from trusted sources, I’m asking for advice. I am blissfully unaware of marketing psychology and the marketing funnel, I’d just like to get through my celebrity gossip in peace without some marketer showing up on my computer or phone.
  • Speaking notes – Speaking of marketers. What is it that we want? Our brand in front of everyone at all times, yea? Just kidding. But really – lets think about this. We know some things about consumer behavior. We know that we need to drive awareness and then consideration and conversion and all the way down the funnel. A lot of these annoying digital ads…and tv ads if we’re being honest here, are designed to drive that awareness. We track these ads with KPI’s like cost per impression and cost per click and we’ve settled on driving those KPI’s down to gain those efficiencies.
  • Speaking notes – Ok, Eric. Thanks for the bed time stories. We now all total get how a blogger feels, how a consumer feels and of course we get how the marketers feel. Get the point.
  • Speaking notes – So…I told you those stories for a reason. Sometimes you can find a win-win-win…and here it is.
  • Speaking notes – I think everyone in the room probably knows what Native Advertising is, but in case there are a few folks who are familiar with it, here it is. Native Advertising, at its very basic, is pushing a marketing message directly into the meat of a website. Think about how you see newsfeed ads on Facebook, sponsored tweets are naitive ads, buzzfeed does a good job of naitive ads in the form of sponsored content. And of course, a native ad on a blog would be a blog post, written by the blogger, and posted to their blog just like usual.
  • Speaking notes – The marketer get their message in front of a large number of quality impressions. Folks who read these blogs and trust the blogger and believe their content. The Blogger doesn’t have to sell the soul of their blog, they get to inform their readers on their own terms and they can still be compensated for their time to help them keep blogging. And the consumer gets the content they want from an author they trust without having to ‘x’ out of any pop up ads.
  • Speaking notes – So last fall walgreens launched a new loyalty program called ‘balance rewards’. I’m sure a lot of you guys probably already have it. So here is my homework for you, if you don’t have it, go get it, if you do have it connect it to our app, if you don’t have our app, download our app! See…now that’s brand advocacy at its best 
  • Speaking notes – Let me show you an example, this is just a snipit of an actual blog post that we asked a blogger to do for us when we launched our new Balance Rewards card. The output was amazing. These bloggers really jumped into the challenge. They went to the store, they went online. They purchased items scoring them points and redeemed those points on other items. They took pictures in store, they did research on their own, and at the end of the day they created blog posts that were authentic to their blog, appealing to their readers, and very attractive to me, the marketer. In the end the blogs came out to be very authentic, they were, the blog was actually about their experience and how Balance rewards fit into their lifestyle.
  • This was a pretty great thing to see. We started the blogger program a bit after the initial launch. The product had been teased out and then launched and SOV had already gone from nearly nothing to around 40%. We were able to attribute a big chunk of the additional 35% SOV gain to the results of the blogger program. Interesting sidenote – we did another program a few months later discussing balance rewards in connection to our ‘steps’ program which incentivizes walking and other healthy activities, and the baseline for SOV was still beating our competitors.
  • SEO is a huge component of what bloggers can help you do. My team will work with the SEO team to determine which keywords are importnant depending on the program and then encourage bloggers to use certain words or phrases if they fit into the blogs. Almost half of the blog posts that were written appeared on the first or second page for search terms we had chosen.
  • And of course, impressions. How many people saw or heard from these bloggers?
  • The feedback we got from bloggers was amazing. We were able to take their questions, answer them and then get them to write about the answers and their experience finding those answers. Then we could give the product team this feedback and make small changes to the marketing or the website materials to make things more clear.
  • The secret is that blogging doesn’t work all on it’s own. In addition to the bloggers sydincating their blogs, we also did the same. We chose some of the best content and pushed it to our followers on Facebook and Twitter. We held Twitter parties where the bloggers would talk to our followers about their experiences and answer questions.
  • Paid Blogger Outreach - Eric Gottloeb (Social Fresh WEST 2013)

    1. 1. Bloggers Go Native @Gottloeb
    2. 2. @Gottloeb Eric Gottloeb
    3. 3. Let’s discuss a few familiar stories… @Gottloeb
    4. 4. A Bloggers Tale @Gottloeb
    5. 5. Let’s shift gears @Gottloeb The Consumer’s Story
    6. 6. Pop up ads @Gottloeb
    7. 7. Page Take-Over Ad @Gottloeb
    8. 8. Right Rail Ads @Gottloeb
    9. 9. White Space Take-over @Gottloeb
    10. 10. The Consumer Story @Gottloeb
    11. 11. Now it’s your turn @Gottloeb
    12. 12. The Marketers Story @Gottloeb
    13. 13. Get to the point… @Gottloeb
    14. 14. Blogger Consumer Marketer @Gottloeb The Middle Ground
    15. 15. @Gottloeb
    16. 16. How does this really work? @Gottloeb
    17. 17. @Gottloeb Walgreens - Balance Rewards
    18. 18. The Blogger Program • 120 Bloggers • 120 Blogs • Over 8,000 pieces of content from blog syndication on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest, and more @Gottloeb
    19. 19. @Gottloeb What They Blogged About • Three ways to register • Four ways to carry your card • Hundreds of ways to save • Thousands of items to buy with points
    20. 20. Blog @Gottloeb
    21. 21. How did we measure this? @Gottloeb
    22. 22. Share of Voice Comp 3% Comp 20% Balance Rewards 77% @Gottloeb
    23. 23. Search Engine Optimization @Gottloeb
    24. 24. 36 Million Impressions @Gottloeb
    25. 25. Additional Value – Feedback Loop • Where can I see how many points I have? • How do I collect points faster? • Do I have to carry my card with me everywhere? @Gottloeb
    26. 26. How does this connect? @Gottloeb
    27. 27. Thank You @Gottloeb