#LogitechLive @ CES
Case Study
Kelly Maxwell
CES. Isn’t it just the best?
Thousands of Exhibitors
Q: How Can We Stand Out in Chaos?
Or, How Did We?
A: We Put Our Fans Front and Center
Two Part Strategy
Part One: On the Floor
Part Two: At Home
The Results
Total Shares:
Beyond the Numbers
The Details
#1: Pre-Production
#2: Post-Production
How Logitech Become the Most Mentioned Brand at CES, Kelly Maxwell, Logitech - Social Fresh EAST 2014
How Logitech Become the Most Mentioned Brand at CES, Kelly Maxwell, Logitech - Social Fresh EAST 2014
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How Logitech Become the Most Mentioned Brand at CES, Kelly Maxwell, Logitech - Social Fresh EAST 2014


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  • 150,000 People, 3,200 exhibitors.

    We decided to change up our strategy, bringing our core products to the CES floor, effectively jumping right into the madness

    You are probably not going to CES. Right? So is this relevant to you?

    CES for Logitech is social media every day. The competition for attention never ends.
  • But the million dollar question was clear – how do we stand out? How do we rise above all the new TV’s and booth babes and contests and lines and… stuff?
  • The answer is simple. At CES we were committed to letting our fans own the message. We educated them, we empowered them and ultimately, we trusted them to be brand ambassadors.
  • The strategy consisted of two major components. One, on the show floor, with #LogitechLive. Two, at home, with an interactive and engaging sweepstakes.
  • When people touch Logitech products they fall in love
    We made it easy for them to share that love, building a social media friendly news desk right there on the floor
    Mustached fans reviewed their favorite Logitech product, we emailed them the video and they shared it on social media

    Our goal was to raise awareness of Logitech products at CES by engaging attendees with an immersive, dynamic and social media friendly experience

    Set up a Logitech “News Cast” booth where attendees play the part of technology pundit, recording a report live from CES, and sharing it with the masses via social media

  • Social followers could get in on the action with ease
    Those that re-tweeted fan review videos were entered to win a Logitech prize, every hour the show floor was open

    Social sharing propelled this activation exponentially, exposing the experience to those who weren’t in Las Vegas
    A rotating series of Logitech products were highlighted as hourly prizes during CES. Participants entered for a chance to win the featured product by tweeting or retweeting #LogitechLive.
    The YouTube channel featured a CES-specific YouTube playlist and acted as a repository for the videos
    An Interactive Gallery Tab on Facebook allowed Facebook fans to view the videos as well
  • #LogitechLive had the highest reach and engagement for any social program to date
    Logitech was highlighted by the CEA as one of the most talked about brands at CES
    #LogitechLive outperformed in all KPIs – produces 168 videos in three days
    Total News Reports: 168 (+87% compared to KPI)
    Total Video Views: 50,754 (+154% compared to KPI)
    Total Shares: 14,791 ( +2,858% compared to KPI)
    Total Reach: 27,220,015 (+807% compared to KPI)

    *Including YouTube Shares, Facebook Shares, and Twitter Retweets
    *All organic. Non paid.
    15 million tweets
  • We received a ton of positive feedback from our fans. Simply put, they loved it. (Take time to read the tweets)

    It works.
    It’s easy, repeatable and scalable.
    Make it easy for them to shine.
    It’s affordable to accomplish.
  • Leave it to the professionals - Hire a camera crew, get a teleprompter and back drop. I’ll stress that this can easily be done with an iPhone.

    Briefed the customer on two-three product points if they seemed really enthusiastic, or curious about the news desk – we enticed them to shoot a small video talking about the product (or whatever they wanted) then BOOM 50% coupon on the spot.

    Gave them a selection of props, think Ron Burgondy mustaches, hats, coats
    Mic’d them up and let free – option to use the teleprompter

  • Once the video was shot we immediately took the video file, uploaded it to Dropbox, had the remote team in Brooklyn edit in real time.

    Then we uploaded the video to YouTube, emailed the participant the video link (encouraged to share) and then we posted on social. We sweetened the deal for participants too – if their video received a minimum of 25 views, they were automatically entered in to win a giveaway for that exact product they “reviewed.”

    The only ad spend was a small budget with Twitter.
  • How Logitech Become the Most Mentioned Brand at CES, Kelly Maxwell, Logitech - Social Fresh EAST 2014

    1. 1. #LogitechLive @ CES Case Study Kelly Maxwell
    2. 2. CES. Isn’t it just the best?
    3. 3. Thousands of Exhibitors
    4. 4. Q: How Can We Stand Out in Chaos?
    5. 5. Or, How Did We?
    6. 6. A: We Put Our Fans Front and Center
    7. 7. Two Part Strategy
    8. 8. Part One: On the Floor
    9. 9. Part Two: At Home
    10. 10. The Results
    11. 11. Total Shares: 14,791
    12. 12. Beyond the Numbers
    13. 13. The Details
    14. 14. #1: Pre-Production
    15. 15. #2: Post-Production