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Facebook Live: What We've Learned, Jennifer Watson, Social Fresh Conference 2016

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Facebook Live: What We've Learned, Jennifer Watson, Social Fresh Conference 2016

  1. 1. Facebook Live: What We’ve Learned Jennifer Watson Meteorologist/Social Media Specialist The Weather Channel @jenniferweather @jenniferstorm9@jwatson_wx
  2. 2. Why Facebook Live?
  3. 3. FB Live is a fun way to interact directly with your fans. CONNECT
  4. 4. Unique and exclusive content that gives fans the ability to engage in a two-way conversation and immerses them in your brand. What content should be in your Facebook Live?
  5. 5. Allows you to go in-depth on a service or product.
  6. 6. Do what makes sense for your brand.
  8. 8. Make sure you have a solid internet connection Test all locations where you will be shooting so there are no surprises during your FB Live.
  9. 9. • Fun fact about the topic that will be discussed, but don’t give it all away. • Tell fans to ask questions, which will be answered during the FB Live. TEASE Your Facebook Live
  10. 10. Remind audience that they can “opt-in” to receive live notifications. •Post a comment with an image showing how. •Can also do during your FB Live.
  11. 11. Give fans a tease, but don’t give it all away. Facebook Live post copy
  12. 12. Countdown Slate • Helps get the conversation started. • Prescheduling/virtual waiting room for viewers.
  13. 13. It’s Show Time!
  14. 14. Balance between recognizing the viewer's & getting right to the topic of conversation.
  15. 15. Answer questions within the first 2-3 minutes so audience feels engaged.
  16. 16. Limit Camera Movement Move for a reason
  17. 17. Post comments during the FB Live to help drive the conversation.
  18. 18. Let fans know to see your page posts at the top of their news feed to select, “see first.”
  19. 19. Good opportunity to tease to your next FB Live if the time and date are already set. Don’t draw out the good bye.
  20. 20. Post Facebook Live • Edit post copy after your FB Live ends to make your content more evergreen. • Edit thumbnail image after the live broadcast ends so there is a more appealing image, instead of a random shot of the broadcast.
  21. 21. Pre-edit
  22. 22. Post-edit
  23. 23. Add video tags to make your FB Live more discoverable.
  24. 24. Equipment Shotgun Mic- $199-$299 Light Kit - $70-$115 Wide Angle and Fisheye Lens - $200-$300+
  25. 25. Phone Tripod Flexible Tripod - ~$8 ~$5 on Amazon
  26. 26. Space is cool!
  27. 27. Space is cool! Viewers During Live Broadcast
  28. 28. Simple can be effective
  29. 29. Simple can be effective Viewers During Live Broadcast
  30. 30. Have fun! TEST TEST TEST!
  31. 31. 31 Jennifer Watson Meteorologist/Social Media Specialist The Weather Channel @jenniferweather @jenniferstorm9@jwatson_wx THANK YOU