Content marketing secrets webinar


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Content marketing secrets webinar

  1. 1. ContentMarketingInsiderSecretsBill Trumpfheller Anna Lingeris Zena Weist Jason KeathNuffer Smith Tucker Hershey’s Expion Social Fresh@trumpyski @ahhnalin @zenaweist @jasonkeath#freshcontent
  2. 2. Thank you to our speakers Bill Trumpfheller Nuffer Smith Tucker @trumpyski Anna Lingeris Hershey’s @ahhnalin Zena Weist Expion @zenaweist#freshcontent
  3. 3. Creating Content – Stimulating interaction8 Things to Think About1. The Voice: Your company’s voice your target audiences.2. Tweens vs first-time homebuyers: Where’s your target audience in their lifecycle?3. Get over yourself: Bring value to the table.4. Strength in numbers: Consider collaboration.5. Be a curator: Monitor your own platforms and be engaging.6. Hello…anyone out there: Respond!7. Research: Key words and phases that encourage action.8. Write for the medium: Don’t send your “Tweets” through all of your platforms.#freshcontent
  4. 4. Content Per Platform4 Things to Think About1. Know your brand voice2. Research and understand each platform3. Lengthening the life of your copy/campaign4. Creating unique content per platform = brand trust!#freshcontent
  5. 5. Get People Talking On and Offline• Importance of off-line conversations• Make word of mouth a marketing objective• Be authentic and transparent• Make it easy#freshcontent
  6. 6. NST Case Study: Spacesavers Community• Online portal to share home organization tips• Hub for social interactions• Twitter used for engaging and customer service• Facebook used for sharing relevant content• Youtube channel to showcase testimonials#freshcontent
  7. 7. NST Case Study: Spacesavers Community In-depth content found on the site
  8. 8. #freshcontent
  9. 9. 86%of National Marketers are looking tomodify, adapt and localize theirmarketing content, messaging andengagement practices. Source: November 2, 2011 (CMO Council Research)#freshcontent
  10. 10. Why local market pages make sense: Local Has Higher Engagement — Active Fans %Based on an analysis of Facebook activity on corporate pages for the top 50 restaurants and top 50 retailers(using fan counts) compared to a sample of 190 local pages from different brands and local companies. Timeperiod was May 1, 2011 to October 31, 2011. Active Fans % = number of fan posts and comments/total fans#freshcontent
  11. 11. 54%of US adults are on Facebook.No other social network comes close.13% LinkedIn, 10% Twitter, 8% Google+
  12. 12. Applebee’s Sponsored Story Applebee’s 2 for $20 Page Post Sponsored Story#freshcontent
  13. 13. Applebee’s Sponsored Story:By the numbers STATS Dates: April 10 and 11, 2012 Impressions 13,786,319 Frequency 2.8 Clicks 6,177 CTR 0.045% Actions N/A Spend $1,024.52 CPM $0.07#freshcontent
  14. 14. Content Round Robin: Warby Parker
  15. 15. Content Round Robin: Chobani
  16. 16. Content Round Robin: Cisco
  17. 17. Content Round Robin: Oreo
  18. 18. Content Round Robin: Citrix
  19. 19. ContentMarketingInsider Q&ASecretsBill Trumpfheller Anna Lingeris Zena Weist Jason KeathNuffer Smith Tucker Hershey’s Expion Social Fresh@trumpyski @ahhnalin @zenaweist @jasonkeath#freshcontent