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Facebook Timeline - Gettin' with the Timelines


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As Facebook unveils their new Timeline update, is your brand page ready? Learn what these changes mean to your brand here.

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Facebook Timeline - Gettin' with the Timelines

  1. 1. Social Forces presents: Gettin’ with the Timelines or “What’s New, Exciting, and Useful About Facebook Timelines for Brand Pages”As you’ve likely heard by now, Facebook Timelines for Brand Pages are rollingout this Friday, March 30th. This is one of the more drastic evolutions FacebookPages has gone through, and there are a lot of changes you and your fans willsee.We thought we’d give you an overview on the biggest changes, so you can beprepared when the time comes to make the switch.
  2. 2. Cover PhotosIf you’ve made the switch to Timeline on your personal account already, this one should befamiliar to you.Cover photos are a way to visually represent your brand in an instant. It will take up thelargest amount of real estate on your new Page, setting the tone for your fans.Facebook wants Timelines to be largely story-driven, so advertisements, price points, toomany words, and a few other things are not allowed.Avatars are still available but only exist as squares, as seen above. This is where your logoshould live.
  3. 3. Messages and AppsOne new feature of Brand Timelines is the “Message” function. Just like on personalaccounts, messages are a private way to contact someone-- in this case, the brand itself.This is good news for customer service! Negative comments, problems, and questionscan be contained here while your brand’s story and engagement lives on the Timeline.Apps, formerly known as “Tabs,” have made the move to the area below messages. Whiletheir appearance is quite different, the biggest thing to note here is the omission of thedefault landing app. Like gates can still be used, but when users visit, they will alwaysland on your Timeline, not your app of choice.
  4. 4. The WallYour wall will now be organized by timeframe, and from left to right.On the left, fan posts can be written and brand posts can be seen. Important brand postscan be “pinned to the top,” where the post will remain for 7 days and be marked by asmall ribbon.On the right, fans can see who of their friends has liked your Page, tags about yourbrand, and wall comments. Wall comments are now contained to a small box to makeroom for your brand’s story.This will take the most getting used to, so take time to get to know the new layout.
  5. 5. Anything else?This should get you used to the main differences Timeline brings to thetable.If you have any additional questions or are interested in having us on yourteam to manage your Facebook page, create Facebook apps or promotions,or otherwise help your interactive efforts, please contact our team