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EduFester is an educational events discovery and collaboration engine. It aims to be the BookMyShow of educational events.

Add your events for free and it will be pushed to our website visitors and iOS & Android mobile app users.

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  1. 1. What is it?
  2. 2. It is an educational events discovery andcollaboration engine.It has two parts. A website and mobile apps for iOS and Android.What does it do?Gives you an opportunity to choose the rightending in the following story:
  3. 3. This is Susan. She is a computer science student.
  4. 4. Susan is interested in cloudcomputing!
  5. 5. Susan is looking to attend cloud focusedevents.
  6. 6. Susan checks her college noticeboard and there is nothing put upabout cloud computing!
  7. 7. Susan then asks one of her professors and he claimshe received an invite in email and will forward it to her. ? ! But… being a busy man, the Prof forgot.
  8. 8. After that, Susan calls all her friends and asks them ifthey know of any such events. ?
  9. 9. College events are not SEOed, so…she’s really notthat lucky!
  10. 10. Finally, one of her friends call to say there is a CloudConference in XYZ College in ECR this Sunday.
  11. 11. • Susan arrives an hour late dueto misinformation. • On a Sunday when conferences Welcome to XYZare usually conducted, XYZ Collegecollege is empty of helpful people. • If you don’t already know whereto go or who to ask, they can’thelp you that much!
  12. 12. • Now Susan discovers that there is a Rs.1500 fees.• After a short jog to the ATM, she is really, really late. Welcome to XYZ College
  13. 13. • At last, after countless running backand forth, to various parts of thecollege, she settles in. • Susan realizes that she is in thewrong conference track. iOS
  14. 14. •This is Tom, a computer sciencestudent.•Interested in iOS development.• He is an EduFester user!
  15. 15. • To m l o o k s u p i O S r e l a t e d e v e n t s• He finds one and shares it to his friends onFacebook. iOS
  16. 16. •Tom’s friend Dick gets a notification and checks outthe event details on his Smartphone. •Adds it to his device calendar. iOS
  17. 17. • Harry while using EduFester.comon his computer, comes across theiOS event he wanted to go to. iOS• He adds it to his calendar whichhas all the useful things likelocation, contact details, fees etc.
  18. 18. Harry reaches XYZ college on the Sunday that theconference was scheduled and goes for a cup ofcoffee. Check-in at the XYZ Cafeteria!
  19. 19. Tom and Dick receive a notification that their friendHarry just checked in at the same XYZ collegecafeteria that they are in. Harry just Checked-in @ XYZ College Cafeteria!
  20. 20. All three meet up, they know exactly where the conference istaking place, paid the fees and know who to call for assistance.They even know how many tracks are going on. So to optimizethe opportunity, they co-ordinate, split up and attend differenttracks of the conference. Welcome to XYZ College
  21. 21. • Dick realizes that only his track of the conference iscovering iOS.• He silently “Shout”s within EduFester to his friends sothey can come join him. Shout: iOS at Track 2 iOS P.S. Pun Intended
  22. 22. All three attend the iOS conference track and arehappy for the opportunity that applying EduFester hasbrought them. iOS
  23. 23. All is well, when suddenly a female student stormsout of the conference fuming and screaming!!!Everyone wonders what that was about and goesback to enjoying the rest of the session. iOS
  24. 24. Being the good guys Tom, Dick and Harry go overand talk to her, find out whats wrong and gives herthe solution:EduFester! iOS
  25. 25. And everyone attended events happily ever after... ...Visit today!
  26. 26. Features of EduFester