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Social Media World Forum 2013 Recap (SMWF)


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Social Media World Forum 2013 (SMWF) was a two-day event focused on social marketing and social media for business. This presentation is a breakdown of the event and its major discussion points, including mobile optimization, audience engagement, and social monitoring.

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Social Media World Forum 2013 Recap (SMWF)

  1. 1. SOCIAL@SocialEddy MEDIA WORLDby FORUM -RECAP 2013-
  2. 2. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Social Media World Forum 2013 took place at The Brewery in London on March // // 2/25
  3. 3. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Some of the hottest names in social media were in attendance to show off the latest technology and brand-building // // 3/25
  4. 4. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Leaders from some of the world’s biggest brands offered tips and in- sight on audience engagement, social commerce, brand-building, and other hot topics in social media // // 4/25
  5. 5. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP The conference really got in motion with the Engagement Panel, which focused on the most crucial ele- ment in social media marketing: in- teracting with social // // 5/25
  6. 6. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Engagement Panel moderator Paul Papadimitriou (@papadimitriou) highlighted the need for brands to let customers take the lead... “Brands have to learn to basically let go a little bit because the brand voice isn’t defined by you but, especially with social engagement, defined by your users.” // // 6/25
  7. 7. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP ...while Carl Barkey, Head of Social Media Customer Engagement at American Express, emphasized the need for brand transparency:“You want to be transparent. You want to be an openbrand. It’s critically important in social that you don’t appear defensive.” // // 7/25
  8. 8. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Several of the speakers discussed the importance of knowing who social users are and treating them like actual people, not mindless // // 8/25
  9. 9. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAPPrelini Udayan-Chiechi, Director of EMEAMarketing at Lithium Technologies,painted a picture of todays moderncustomer in a presentation titled "GetSerious About Social: Own the socialexperience." // // 9/25
  10. 10. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP"We are living in the dawn of the mobile, social, and incredibly empowered customer." // // 10/25
  11. 11. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAPDominic Burch, Head of Corporate Com-munication and Social Media for Britishsupermarket chain ASDA, got real aboutengagement in a presentation titled“Social for building stronger customerrelationships.” // // 11/25
  12. 12. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP “Social media is no different than real life. People want to engage as an equal and they want to engage on things that are relevant to them.”-- Dominic Burch // // 12/25
  13. 13. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP The Social Media Insight & Analysis Panel focused on the importance of monitoring in measuring success and executing social marketing // // 13/25
  14. 14. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Cordell Lawrence explained how Jack Daniels analyzes data to drive cam- paigns aimed at whiskey drinkers world- wide:"Essentially what we’re trying to do is enable closer and more accurate analysis of opinion, so that youcan use that to make actual decisions that will drive your campaigns, drive your strategy. // // 14/25
  15. 15. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAPGoogle Analytics Rock! Are you using Google Analytics? If so, go you! All of the brands in the Social Media In- sight & Analysis Panel (Jack Daniel’s, Crimson Hexagon, and Universal Music Group International) said they use Google Analytics to gain knowledge about the success of their social media efforts. // // 15/25
  16. 16. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Many of the speakers at the confer- ence noted that social should not be an end in itself but a means for achieving brand // // 16/25
  17. 17. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP"Theres no head of photocopiers. Theres no head ofwater coolers...Social media is just another way to do your work." Jim Rosenberg, Head of Online & Social Media at the World Bank // // 17/25
  18. 18. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Brand leaders in the Social Content Strategies Panel discussed the im- portance of engaging customers via powerful // // 18/25
  19. 19. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Jeremy Waite, Head of Social Consulting at Adobe EMEA, reminded everyone that great content is content that starts a conversation:"It’s about talking to an audience. Its about having that back-and-forth interaction." // // 19/25
  20. 20. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP Mobile optimization was one of theGO MOBILE biggest points discussed at theOR GO HOME. event. Brands that dont get mobile will fall behind. // // 20/25
  21. 21. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP "Think mobile first."Marc Blinder, Director of European Operations, Adobe // // 21/25
  22. 22. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP In a presentation titled "Utilising consumer engagement to drive social commerce," Karlijn Vogel-CUSTOMERS Meijer, Manager of Social Media atBEFORE COOL. KLM, stressed the importance of putting customer needs before overwrought campaigns: // // 22/25
  23. 23. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP"You can do all the cool campaigns you want, but if you don’t get the basics straight, you’re lost.”-- Karlijn Vogel-Meijer // // 23/25
  24. 24. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAPKEY TAKEAWAYS FROM SMWF 20131 Listen to your audience first and then engage2 Share content that your audience wants to consume3 Make each piece of content you share really count4 Measure responses to help drive your strategy5 Share content relevant to you and your audience6 Don’t talk to your audience; engage in a conversation7 Use social media tools to curate content and listen to your audience8 Optimize for mobile or fall behind9 Customers first; Cool campaigns second. // // 24/25
  25. 25. @SocialEddy SMWF 2013 RECAP SEE YOU IN 2014! For help with your content marketing efforts, visit // // 25/25