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How to win friends & influence


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Blending the old with the new. Using Dale Carnegie's wisdom on Social Media.

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How to win friends & influence

  1. 1. How to Win Friends & Influence... A “DALE CARNEGIE GUIDE” TO SOCIAL MEDIA
  2. 2. DaleCarnegie’sfirstclasses:Learn to SpeakEffectively.Prepare forLeadership.
  3. 3. Then he realizedwhat people reallyneeded:Fundamental Techniquesfor Handling People.Six Ways to Make PeopleLike You.How to Win People toYour Way of Thinking.Be a Leader: How toChange People WithoutGiving Offense orArousing Resentment. Published in 1936 to provide a guide to dealing with “life’s situations.”
  5. 5. How to Win Friends & Influence People Online  Personal Facebook Page  Connect with family & friends.  Share photos/videos.  Instant messaging, personalized messages and notes to groups.  Customizable privacy settings and ability to group people for targeted posting.  Gain insights into friends likes & interests  Can be used for networking or staying in touch with former colleagues – leverage personal connections for professional gain.
  6. 6. Winning Friends through FacebookBusiness Facebook Page  303,000 users in Richmond area over age 30.  Customizable landing page, url and wall view  Can be used to gain insights about colleagues, clients and prospects.  Ability to “get to know” clients/customers.  Great for encouraging clients/customers to take part in meaningful dialogue.  Affordable advertising opportunities to increase visibility in the community and with your clients/customers.  Ability to anchor headline post and highlight milestones.  Ability to share multi-media posts (pictures, videos, links) for increased engagement and “click-through” rates.
  7. 7. How to Win Friends & Influence People with LinkedIn  Linkedin  271,291 users in the Richmond area.  Can be used as personal or company profile.  Networking, job hunting or promoting your company.  Post resume, highlight skills, professional accomplishments and recommendations.  Join groups for increased networking opportunities and discussion.
  8. 8. Dale Cargnie 2.0 HOW TO WIN FRIENDS THROUGH
  9. 9. Six Ways to Make People Like YouDale Carnegie Through Social Media1. Become genuinely  Check your Facebook/LinkedIn pages daily. interested in  Spend the time to read your other people. fans’/friends’ profiles.  Notice likes and fan pages – if you see common threads amongst your fans – follow those pages yourself..  Read and follow their posts- respond when appropriate.  Look for connections within your contacts.
  10. 10. Six Ways to Make People Like YouDale Carnegie Through Social Media Make sure that your profile picture and2. Smile.  all public photo albums are appropriate – SMILE.  Your post can convey a smile, frown, anger, etc. Smile in your writing, also.  Post updates that will make others smile – they will want to share these posts and the smile is passed on – as is your business page.
  11. 11. Six Ways to Make People Like YouDale Carnegie Through Social Media  Facebook/LinkedIn =Picture3. Remember people’s Directories. Study the pictures to help you learn names. names.  The more you know about someone, the easier it is to remember their name.  Connect with new clients/colleagues immediately – put a face to a name.  Look up people online prior to a meeting.
  12. 12. Six Ways to Make People Like YouDale Carnegie Through Social Media  Check Social Media daily.4. Be a good listener.  Pay attention to what your fans/friends are posting and respond.  Engage in the conversation – be an active listener in your writing.  Contact someone through private messaging.
  13. 13. Six Ways to Make People Like YouDale Carnegie Through Social Media  Look at your connects fan pages and5. Talk in terms of other businesses that they are following/like. person’s interests.  Use the internet to learn about your colleagues interests so that you can ask good questions.  Follow up, check in, check on events that are happening.
  14. 14. Six Ways to Make People Like YouDale Carnegie Through Social Media  Write a professional recommendation on6. Make the other person LinkedIn. feel important – do it  Follow LinkedIn updates and respond to success, job change, awards, etc. sincerely.  Be aware of milestones that occur on business pages that you are connected to and respond.  Publicly thank someone for exceptional service through Facebook or highlight a business that has served you well.
  15. 15. A Few Final Thoughts Be sure that your profiles are complete and up-to-date. Set aside an amount of time to devote to social media – then stop. Let Social Media work for you… don’t spend all your time working it. Don’t be afraid of negative comments on your business profile. Negative comments are always out there – now you can respond to them. If you have questions or need help call me.