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Report on Azuela and Carr (Authors)

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Ppt book report2

  1. 1. “ The Underdogs” by Mariano Azuela Bryan Cooper H 141 PPT Book Report #2
  2. 2. A novel written by Mariano Azuela about his time and the lives of the people he served with in the Mexican Revolution, which started in 1910 and officially ended in1920. Federales Mariano Azuela Demetrio Macias Fictional Character
  3. 3. Poncho Villa Emiliano Zapata Poncho Villa came from the north and Emiliano Zapata came from the south. Their fight was against the dictator General Porfirio Diaz. The citizen had no land rights, the church was abusing the potential wealth of the individual keeping people In perpetual debt. The citizens joined with Villa and Zapata to over throw Diaz and to create a new constitution in 1917.
  4. 4. Gen. Porfirio Diaz 1876-1880<>1884-1911 Francisco I.Madero 1911-1913 assassinated Victoriano Huerta 1913 - 1914 Venustiano Carranza 1914 – 1920 assassinated Gen. Diaz's dictatorship was the catalyst in motivating the rebel forces to get him out of power. Diaz jailed Madero in 1910 and Madero issued the letter “Plan of San Luis Potosí” which inspired the beginning of a civil revolt. Madero came into power but was Criticized for appearing weak. Huerta was appointed his commander-in-chief and later Huerta conspired with the USA in creating a coup d'éta making Madero resign in 1913. Madero and his Vice President were assassinated there after. Huerta was looked at as an illegal usurper of presidential power after US president Wilson had his say. Carranza a politician and rancher from Coahuila, was forefront in the opposition against Huerta. U.S. opposition to Huerta had reached its peak when American forces seized & occupied the port of Veracruz, cutting off arms and money supplies from Germany.
  5. 6. Theodore Roosevelt was a newly appointed police commissioner and while getting rid of corrupt police, he also wanted to give more attention to immigrant crimes which were swept under the rug most of the time. He put and investigative team together that was unconventional in police work.
  6. 7. J. P. MORGAN The Isaacson Brothers: detectives Dr. Laszlo Kreizler: alienist Sara Howard: detective John Moore: reporter Roosevelts exploratory team used methods that were not allowed into the courts at the time like fingerprinting and methods from France, the Bertillon system of identification. The team had to work against interests like the wealthy, who were not favorable towards certain immigrants and the Brothels who didn't want any negative press.
  7. 8. Jacob Riis Anthony Comstock NY Tenements Jacob Riis, a muck racking journalist, became a pioneer In photography and showed the social injustice of the living Conditions in NY. He later became a police reporter. Anthony Comstock as a US Postal Inspector created the NY Society for the suppression of Vice in 1873. He also influenced congress to pass the Comstock Law. He was a puritan.