My Day with the SBS Championship Cup


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My Day with the SBS Championship Cup

  1. 1. My Day with the SBSChampionship Cup
  2. 2. After two victories, and a long celebration at Applebee’s, it was time for bed.I dreamt about all the fun activities that the Cup and I could do tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, I had to go to work. Luckily, the Cup wanted to come with me.
  3. 3. After 12 people consumed adult beverages from the Cup, it headed right to the shower in the morning.We all can agree that victory tasted delicious.
  4. 4. The breakfast of champions…well, it’s not Wheaties. But close, maybe. Honey Bunches of Oats with Almond Clusters. We are ready to go
  5. 5. It’s a little known fact that Cups have teeth. Only a small percentage of them take proper care of their teeth. Let’s just say I was very impressed at the Cup’s personal hygiene.
  6. 6. The Cup is a true professional, making sure to iron its shirt prior to heading out to the client. Most Cups would have called in sick today.
  7. 7. It’s off to work we go. The Cup makes sure to fasten his seat belt. We’ve got to defend our title next season, so we’ll be cautious.
  8. 8. We’ve arrived at Piantedosi, so the Cup boots up the laptop. If we can get our work done, we’ll be leaving nice and early today.
  9. 9. The Intern shows up and is eager to take a picture with the Cup. The Cup, however, does not smile, as the intern has yet to even take his computer out of his bag. Apparently leaving at 3 is less of an incentive when you get paid hourly.
  10. 10. The Cup, like the rest of America, runs on Dunkin. However, he had to get his own as the Intern was useless and didn’t go on the coffee run. Who the eff does he think he is?
  11. 11. After fueling up on the iced coffee, the Cup gets ready to do some participant data testing. For some reason, the Cup writes down SSN’s on a piece of paper and puts them in his pocket.
  12. 12. The Cup takes a break to learn about how bread was made back in the day. Look at how ripped those guys were. We are both so jealous.
  13. 13. Cipolle just showed up around 10:30. The Cup offers him a shoulder massage, after pitching (and winning) both games of the double header.I really wish Mark would do some work, so I can get out by 3.
  14. 14. Very good, Mark. The Cup helps Cipolle sign off on a workpaper. At least someone is on my side here.
  15. 15. Lunch time. My favorite time of the day. We grab a 24” French Loaf fresh off the line and top it with fresh cold cuts and provolone from Dom’s. Now that’s an effing sandwich.
  16. 16. That was a good effing sandwich. If only all of our clients made such delicious (and well-priced) bread.
  17. 17. We’ve made it! It’s 3:15 and the Intern and Cipolle get their act together, so we can go home. The Cup shuts down the laptop and is eager to enjoy a few cold brews on such a hot day.
  18. 18. The Cup was lying. Before I got all the way in the front door, he was cracking open a beer.I proceeded to make a fat joke, and boy did he show me.
  19. 19. The Cup pounds his beer and hops on the bike for a quick 15 mile ride. In my face.Only 364 days until the next championship game.
  20. 20. The Cup towels off after burning a few calories. Don’t worry, he’ll get them all back later tonite.He also tells me that I’m an awful photographer and that I should get a real camera instead of using my phone.
  21. 21. Back to the shower. The Cup uses Placenta Shampoo with Vitamin E. Strange, considering it has no hair.
  22. 22. The Cup wastes no time heading back to the booze. This time it’s a 1.5L bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.The Cup can really hold his liquor. Impressive.
  23. 23. Apparently, the Cup was quite offended by the fat joke. All he ate was a salad. Unless he was just saving room for a few more drinks.
  24. 24. Yup…I’m not sure if this is normal, or if Clay Buckholz has anything to do with it.
  25. 25. And it looks like the night is over.Believe me, it wasn’t pretty. Sort of like Manny in leftfield.