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Twitter Marketing Guide for Businesses in India


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Businesses across the globe leverage Twitter for marketing their business. And, India isn't a mute spectator to the rapid rise of Twitter as a micro-blogging tool. On one hand, you have businesses who taken to Twitter to connect and engage with the fast-growing audience and on the other hand, you have the Influencers right from Bollywood stars and sportstars to leading bloggers.

Brands have achieved a considerable amount of success on Twitter, marketing their products and services to people. But, it has also created flutters for brands for whom it has resulted in negative publicity. Building a brand on Twitter requires commitment and you cannot expect a big return on investment overnight.

Of late, it has also emerged as a customer service & a market research tool. It is helping brands to understand what their consumers say about their products and at the same time service any concern raised by them.

This presentation can help you get hold of important aspects of marketing your brand & stay updated with latest industry trends with respect to Twitter marketing.

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Twitter Marketing Guide for Businesses in India

  1. 1. Twitter Marketing Guide for Businesses in India
  2. 2. Sneak peek at some stats!
  3. 3. ~243 million internet users
  4. 4. Project annual user base growth ~35%
  5. 5. India is one of the fastest growing markets for Twitter
  6. 6. User Generation 3.0 has emerged – who believe in the 3S Search Avid searchers who leverage Web + Mobile + Social to search for services & products anytime, anywhere Surf Share They form impressions about brands, read reviews and browse social contest for the action begins! They do not shy away from sharing reviews, provide feedback on the go on social media and tweeting is “definitely hot” with them
  7. 7. Reach of Twitter in India? Lok Sabha elections 2014 alone generated 60 million tweets!s
  8. 8. What preludes Twitter Marketing From a brand’s perspective, before plunging in, a couple of things have to be in place Blog & strong content strategy Active resources to engage with fans and handle real-time conversations Good meaningful insights to share
  9. 9. How Twitter scores over Facebook Great real-time search engine - Hashtags work well as a search engine to give you the right audience 140 characters – make the point Your tweets and tags are public, hence acts as a great customer service channel. You cannot delete tags with bad review More organic, thanks to less or minimal ads Twitter humanizes companies – when companies tweet in a human tone, it’s found to be more engaging by the users More mature audience is present
  10. 10. Goals of Twitter Marketing Lead Generation Brand-building Product Launch Customer Service Connecting with influencers in your industry Live Events / Coverage
  11. 11. Intercept conversations in your industry or product KitKat intercepted this conversation and asked Oreo for a game of tic-tac-toe A day later, Oreo politely refused in their own cute way This went viral and helped both, KitKat and Oreo, to engage fans positively Helped them get many positive brand reviews
  12. 12. Time-consuming but worth it – being alert and hitting the nail at the right time helps! Power Out? No problem  During the third quarter of Super Bowl XLVII when a power outage at the Superdome caused some of the lights to go out for 34 minutes, the sandwich cookie’s social media team jumped on the cultural moment, tweeting this ad  This tweet by Oreo got 15000 retweets!  And thousands were talking about it, with the message – OREO WON THE SUPERBOWL BLACKOUT!
  13. 13. Tracking results, Listening & Engaging - multiple tools are available to aid you
  14. 14. What do you track & analyze? Following, Reach & Impressions Response Rate References / Mentions Sales Funnel Effectiveness Twitter Leads Engagement for campaigns, contests, etc.
  15. 15. Finding the right audience – based on parameters like interest and location, etc. Multiple tools like TwitterGrader It’s a free tool that allows you to search and list people who have a specific location in their profile or a specific interest For eg. – If your bank has a demat product, people who have mentioned “trading” can be a part of the right audience to target TwitterSearch This free search function at ( helps you find people who have tweeted on a particular topic It can also be used to enlist those who have tweeted about your company
  16. 16. DNDs of Twitter marketing An incomplete profile – gives the impression of a fake account (if account not verified) Using Auto-Bots for posts and replies Do not auto-DM It’s about quality, not quantity Experiment but not too much too soon – we can spread ourselves thin Hard-sell – your brand on twitter has a personality, give it a human touch Don’t have an uneven following/follower ratio
  17. 17. Case Studies – where the market is headed
  18. 18. UseCase - Product launch Fiama Di Wills Shower Jewels Campaign To launch the new Fiama Di Wills Shower Jewels, they leveraged Twitter for the unveiling Users had to tweet about the new range using the hashtag #FiamaShowerJewels and as soon the counter hit 5000, the new range would be unveiled at the WIFW The digital engagement generated 10000+ Twitter mentions resulting in 46 million impressions and was trending in India The table on which the products were set on was using the hydraulic pressure pump technique. On reaching 8500 tweet, bottles were automatically uplifted at the event.
  19. 19. UseCase - Branding Fiat – Too fast to Follow Campaign Fiat took a very unusual approach to their social media marketing in Germany Rather than engage with their followers, they actually blocked them. Their claim was that the car is “too fast to follow”! The campaign generated a great deal of publicity and Twitter users were lining up to be blocked by the Abarth 500 With zero followers on their handle, they managed to create a huge amount of buzz in the social media
  20. 20. UseCase – Lead Generation Twitter is an effective tool for lead generation abroad though the trend is still picking up in India It can be done in 2 ways: Twitter Cards – that can be setup for ads on Twitter as shown here The other way can be to intercept and conversations and engage with the relevant audience For eg. – If a person tweets saying “Off to Bangalore”, a restaurant can intercept and tweet tagging him – “Welcome to Bangalore. Would you like to have delicious chicken at our place?”
  21. 21. UseCase - Video Promotion #TheMadrasSong was released by the Murugappa Group to celebrate the spirit of Madras on its 375th year Garnered more than 1.5 lakh views in 2 weeks Twitter leveraged as the main medium to promote the song Contests and trivia around Madras,e tc was used to build buzz and an engaged fan base talking about Madras The song was trending within 24 hours of launch
  22. 22. UseCase – Live Events
  23. 23. What are the implications?
  24. 24. Implications for the world of marketing – negative McD McDonald’s Twitter campaign - #McDStories is one of the big examples McD asked users to share their nostalgic stories about Happy Meals It went awfully wrong and they had to call off the campaign after negative stories started trending So, it becomes very important to anticipate audience and fans reaction & be ready with a contingency plan
  25. 25. Customer service channel – quick & reliable customer service earns applauds publicly
  26. 26. Not about a brand having social media channels, its about an organization going social Just having a social media channel doesn’t help It’s about the organization going forward to a social strategy The end-to-end strategy has to be integrated with social media From marketing to customer service, elements have to altered Example – customer service cannot be left alone to complaints over calls, customers are bound to tweet with your handle and expect quick response Top management needs to buy in to the idea of moving forwarded socially and be actively involved
  27. 27. Last, but not the least:
  28. 28. Leverage Twitter Influencers to market your brand. Some influencers we worked with in the past Devina Malhotra Satheesh Akanksha Redhu Sathya Narayanan Tarika Singh Naveena Vijayan
  29. 29. Digital Marketing. Focus on Results. For Twitter Marketing consultation, feel free to reach out to us Follow us