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Working group meetings flyer - Oct 2010


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Working group meetings flyer - Oct 2010

  1. 1. Bradford Community and Voluntary Sector Personalisation Personalisation Project - Helping to Develop Services for Older People Personalisation is a term used to describe the Our aim is to help VCS organisations in Bradford to understand the ability to tailor a range of opportunities presented by Personalisation and to support them to support services to meet develop services for older people. an individual’s specific needs. It is at the heart of We will provide a range of support, through workshops, events and the government’s drive to one-to-one guidance to help organisations work out what transform social care. Personalisation means for them and the people they serve. The Bradford approach to implementing You can learn more about the project and find out how to get Personalisation is ‘your involved by visiting life your choice’. Based on self-directed assessment More information and what we have done so far! and support it provides customers with individual We’ve had three interesting events so far, a project launch in July followed accounts that they can by a step-by-step guide to Personalisation and the working group launch spend on the services which were both in September. they require to provide them with the care they If you missed any of these events please visit our web sites need. and for more details, notes and presentations. For more information go to your life your choice There is a lot of interest from the Voluntary Sector and a genuine desire by Bradford Council to fully engage with VCS organisations. Bradford Council is We are convinced there are opportunities through Personalisation, we are committed to doing what it can to stimulate a keeping our eye on what’s happening nationally and are really looking market for older people’s forward to helping develop some interesting and creative services with and services in which VCS for the people of Bradford. organisations can deliver To register your interest and make sure you keep track of what’s happening services, alongside other in Bradford e-mail to join our mailing list. providers. Look out for more information on our ‘creative support planning’ event which brings together VCS organisations, social care practitioners and customers of social care support to see if we can come up with some inspired, tailored and practical solutions to people’s care needs. If you would like to chat more and find out how we can help please ring Jo, Gill or Rob at Social Business Brokers on 0113 318 8685 or email us at
  2. 2. Working Group Meetings ‘Personal Assistants’ Working Group ‘Support Planning & Brokerage’ Working Group Gill Coupland Gill Coupland The First Personal Assistants Group Meeting will be The first Support Planning and Brokerage Working on Tuesday 2nd November 9:30 to 11:30 at New Group Meeting will be on Thursday 4th November Horizons Care in the Community 9.30 to 11.30 at Café West At the working group launch we had some We had some good opening discussions at our interesting and creative discussions around services working group launch and I am looking forward to for people wanting to employ a PA and services for working through the points and issues raised. PAs themselves. We will hopefully have attendees from Bradford I am looking forward to expanding on this and Council Adult and Community Services who can identifying some practical, income generating expand on their thinking in terms of contracting solutions which we can discuss with Bradford with VCS organisations. Council. Please sign up by visiting Please sign up by visiting www.supportplanningandbrokeragegroup.eventbrit ‘Paid For Services’ Working Group ‘How to be Enterprising’ Working Group Rob Greenland Rob Greenland The Paid for Services Group Meeting will be The How to be Enterprising Group Meeting will be Tuesday 2nd November 1:30 to 3:30 New Horizons Thursday 4th November 1:30 to 3:30 at Café West Care in the Community Our starting point for this working group is the idea We intend for this working group to have a practical of social enterprise as a verb not a noun - something focus - helping you to make progress in your plans that you do, more than something that you are. for developing paid-for services. We think this matters because there is often too It doesn't matter if you're still at an early stage with much emphasis on asking the question "Are we a your plans - we want to understand what stage social enterprise?" Instead, in this group we want to you're at, and then help you to deal with whatever ask the question: issues you are facing. How could we be more socially enterprising? Please sign up by visiting Please sign up by visiting www.paidforservicesworkinggroupmeeting.eventbri www.howtobeenterprisingworkinggroupmeeting.ev Don’t worry if you are unable to make our meetings on the 2nd and 4th November you can still be involved, please contact to receive working group updates, information and invites to future events. You can also send suggestions or questions to be raised at the meetings. Please Visit and