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Ron davey support plan

  1. 1. - 1 - My Support Plan This Support Plan is to be completed once you have completed the ‘My help, care and support needs’ questionnaire and have been informed of your indicative budget. The purpose of this plan is to set out how you want to spend this money in order to meet your needs and personal outcomes. 1. Basic Information Name: Ron Davey* SWIFT ID: 13256 Who has supported you in completing this plan? Sarah Whittaker* What is their relationship to you? SOCIAL WORKER What is your indicative allocation? (Weekly) £161.84 2. About Me Please describe what your interests are and what is important to you. Who are the important people in your life? What is working well and what is not working well in your life? Mr Davey finds it difficult to always remember why he needs additional support because of his memory problems. He is a very private person who would prefer to not have outside support but with encouragement is gradually starting to accept the need for help. He can no longer concentrate on tasks around the house or in the garden but gets very frustrated and needs to be constantly occupied. His wife, plus his desire to remain at home, are both very important to him and he does accept that support will ultimately help to relieve his wife of some of the day to day difficulties and maintain his independence in his own home.
  2. 2. - 2 - 3. What I want to achieve, maintain or change Please list in the first column what in your life you want to achieve, maintain or change. Please list in the second column how you plan to do this. Please list in the third column who could help you do this. My Outcomes What I want to achieve, maintain or change How will I do this? What activities, support, products and services will help me do this? Who could support me? To maintain independence in own home. Help with personal care needs. Home care To support his wife in return for her caring for him. Regular periods of Respite for Mrs Davey Day Care and Time Out services To try and avoid any further deterioration in memory problems. Social Stimulation and support. Day Centre
  3. 3. - 3 - 4. My action plan Please complete the table below to show what you are going to do to meet the outcomes in section 3. It is important that you show how you are planning to use your indicative budget by showing how much each activity will cost. If it is a regular activity put weekly costs. You can also list one off purchases such as buying a piece of equipment. What am I going to do? (list the activities, support, products, services you have identified in column 2 in the table above) What date will I start this activity? How many hours will I be doing this each week? Approximately how much will it cost? Is it a one off cost or a regular, weekly cost? Service provision (this can be filled out later once you have found the best provider for you) Service type Provider Time Out Services to provide carer respite Ongoing 3 hours per week. Currently weds afternoons £12.75 p.hour x 3 = £38.25 per week Time Out Social Services Day care at Anytown Resource Centre. To provide social stimulation and carer respite 1.7.2010 One day per week £35 per day Day Care Social Services Help to get washed and dressed. Anytown Outreach team to provide specialised support to encourage acceptance of services. 24.5.10 start date. To continue Initially am call only to be increased to am and pm call as confidence increases To increase to half hour call am and half hour call pm. 7 hrs x £13.75 = £96.25 per week Home care Outreach team at Anytown. HOW MUCH WILL IT COST EACH WEEK? £ £169.50 HOW MUCH ARE THE ONE OFF COSTS? £ nil WHAT IS THE TOTAL COST FOR THE YEAR? (52 weeks/ year) £ £8814 DOES IT MATCH THE INDICATIVE ALLOCATION? Y
  4. 4. - 4 - 5. Making sure My Support Plan will work, and will be safe for me and others Please take some time to identify what can go wrong in your plans to meet your outcomes and list them in the table below. Then think about what you can do to try to stop this and think about what must be done if things do go wrong after all. What in your Support Plan could go wrong? How likely is it that things will go wrong? (Please answer with unlikely, possible, likely, very likely) What may happen if things do go wrong? (the impact) What can you do to stop this happening? What will need to be done if things do go wrong? If Mrs Davey becomes unwell and unable to offer the present degree of care at home to her husband Unlikely Mr Davey will need 24 hour care as he cannot be left alone Support Mrs Davey and increase level of support as care plan becomes accepted Potential residential care if Mrs Davey not able to look after her husband at home.
  5. 5. - 5 - 6. How my support will be managed Please tell us how you would like to manage your the activities, services, support and products listed in your plan. Please tick Do I want these managed by myself, by Adult Services or by someone else on my behalf? I will do it myself Adult Services / I would like the arrangements to be managed and reviewed by Social Services Someone else on my behalf (e.g. a family member, friend, agency) 7. How I will stay in control of my life. You may want to ask someone to help you make decisions about your support and how it should be provided. Please tell us who by ticking the relevant statement(s) below, and telling us who it will be and how you know them: I will make the decisions myself Adult Services / I would like Social Services to help me to make future decisions Formal advocacy support Informal support networks Through a decision making agreement Please provide us with a copy of the agreement Other (please detail)
  6. 6. - 6 - 8. Checking my plan is working Please write here how and when your plan will be checked to make sure it is working. Care Plan to be checked July 22nd 2010. Social worker will visit Mr and Mrs Davey at home and check how services are working out directly with the home care and day care services. Your signature SIGNED _________________________ NAME ___________________________ DATE_____________ Signature of the person who supported you to complete this SIGNED _________________________ NAME____________________________ DATE_____________ Signature of care manager approving the support plan SIGNED _________________________ NAME____________________________ DATE_____________ Signature of senior care manager _________________________ Date___________________________ OFFICE USE ONLY: Panel required: Yes/No Panel date: Validation outcome (including reasons): Agreed final amount: £