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Kh kick start grant application 2010 for orgs


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Kh kick start grant application 2010 for orgs

  1. 1. Keeping House Kick Start Grant Guidelines and Application Form (for organisations) About the Kick Start Grant The Kick Start grant is for individuals or organisations that have an idea for a socially enterprising service that can support people to live independently in their own homes but need support to develop the idea further before a full business plan can be developed. The Kick Start grant could be used to carry out further research or a feasibility study or any other activity which helps to develop the idea further. Applicants can apply for a grant of between £500 and £2000. Applications can be submitted anytime between October 2010 and the end of January 2011. We aim to make a decision on the grant application within three weeks of the application being submitted. Successful applicants must spend the funding by December 2011. Filling in the Application Form These guidelines should be read carefully before filling in the application form. Each guideline refers to a question on the application form. 1. This should be the name of the organisation as it appears on your organisation’s certificate of incorporation or governing document. 2. This should be the name of the person who filled in the form, or someone who can talk about the application if we need further information. 3. This should be a job title (e.g. Development Worker, Coordinator etc) or Board/Management Committee position (e.g. Treasurer, Chair etc). If you are a start-up organisation then you can leave this blank. 4. This should be the main address for the organisation and should reach the person who can talk about the application. 5. Tick the box or boxes that most accurately describe your organisation (e.g. a charity and a company limited by guarantee). Please provide registration numbers and appropriate dates as they appear on your constitution, document of incorporation etc. 6. Please fill in the number of people involved with the organisation. 7. This question refers to ALL the main activities of the organisation, not just the activity you are applying for in this application. This provides us with the context for your proposed idea. 8. The Keeping House investment programme is not a traditional grant fund, our focus is to help potential or existing social enterprises to develop. Use this space here to describe how you fit in with the investment programme’s aims. 9. (a) Outline the idea that you are looking to develop with the support of Kick Start funding. Please include as many details as possible. (b) The Keeping House investment programme is looking to develop services to support older people, people with physical disabilities, sensory impairments, people with learning disabilities and people with mental health problems to remain independent. Please indicate which group(s) of people your idea will support. 1
  2. 2. (c) Keeping House aims to develop a variety of services to help people to continue to live independently. You will need to explain to us how you think your activity is working towards this same aim. 10. Your application is assessed over a three week period. The start date should be no earlier than three weeks after your submission. 11. Please provide a best estimate if you do not have a target completion date. 12. We are monitoring the geographic spread of applications. If your enterprise will operate in more than one area, please indicate this. If you are working across the whole of Leeds, please state this on the application form. 13. a) This is where you explain specifically how you want to use the Keeping House Kick Start investment for, e.g. market research. b) Please explain here how you will be looking to eventually generate income to sustain the overall service you are looking to develop, e.g. will you charge people for the service? 14. a) This will provide us with a picture of how well resourced the idea is. b) We want to see that you have thought about involving the people who use your service or activity in the planning of it, and how they will be involved once the activity is up and running. 15. You should explain how you will make your activity accessible to all who may want to use it. You will need to think about physical accessibility (e.g. large print, signers etc), practical accessibility (e.g. providing cover for care responsibilities) and other forms of accessibility such as culturally appropriate services (e.g. halal or kosher meal choice). 16. We want to know how you will measure whether the activity has been successful. For instance, if you intend the grant to be used to carry out market research then a measure of success may be a complete market research report which shows whether there is likely to be demand for the proposed new service/activity. 17 & 18. We want to see the amount of the turnover of your organisation and how much you currently earn through selling (charging for) goods or services. We will use this at the end of the activity to monitor whether the Keeping House grant has contributed to an increase in trading income. 19. We want to see the full budget for the activity, even if it will cost more than the amount you are applying for. Please show us how you will raise the extra costs if you are not applying to us for the full amount of the activity. Be as detailed as you can be about how you have arrived at costs (e.g. room hire at £10 an hour for 4 hours = £40, or 2 trainers at £300 per day = £600 etc). If appropriate, you will need to tell us how many hours you or your consultant will be spending on a feasibility study / business plan. 20. We need to see these documents to check the status of your organisation. Please also remember to attach the draft brief if you intend to engage the services of a consultant to help you with a business plan or feasibility study. 21. We need your permission in order to be able to offer you alternative sources of support or suggest other possible funding if you are unsuccessful. Please return your completed form to: David Peel, Leeds Adult Social Care, 2nd Floor East Merrion House, 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds LS2 8QB Telephone: 0113 247 7095 Email: Textphone: 0113 247 6976 2
  3. 3. Keeping House Kick Start Grant Application Form (For organisations) Office use only About you and your organisation 1. Name of organisation:       2. Contact name:       3. Position in organisation:       4. Address of organisation:       Postcode:       Telephone number:       Fax number:       Email address:       Website address:       5. What is the legal structure of the organisation? (please tick and supply charity registration number and/or company registration number) Company limited by guarantee Company limited by shares Co-operative Charity Industrial Provident Society Community Interest Company Unincorporated Other (please specify below)       Charity registration number       Company registration number       Date of incorporation       Date commenced trading       6. How many people are involved with the organisation? Board       Full time paid staff       Part time paid staff       Volunteers       7. What are the existing or planned main activities of your organisation?       3
  4. 4. 8. In a few words please describe what makes your organisation a social enterprise or how you plan to become a social enterprise       About your idea 9. a) Briefly outline the idea you would like to develop with Keeping House’s support       9. b) Who will the idea benefit and how will it support them to remain independent? Older people People with mental health difficulties People with learning disabilities Disabled people and people with impairments All groups 9. c) How will your idea support the people indicated above to remain independent?       10. When will the work in developing your idea further start?       11. When do you anticipate the work to develop your idea will       finish? 4
  5. 5. 12.What wards will the activity take place in? (please tick all that apply) East North East North West West South Burmantofts and Alwoodley Adel and Armley Ardsley and Richmond Hill Wharfedale Robin Hood Chapel Bramley Cross Gates and Allerton Guiseley and and Beeston and Whinmoor Rawdon Stanningley Holbeck Harewood Garforth and Headingley Calverley City and Swillington Moortown and Farsley Hunslet Horsforth Gipton and Roundhay Farnley Middleton Harehills Hyde Park and Park Wetherby and Wortley Killingbeck and Woodhouse Morley North Seacroft Pudsey Kirkstall Morley Kippax and South Methley Otley and Yeadon Rothwell Temple Newsam Weetwood Across the whole of Leeds 13.a) How will you use an investment from Keeping House to develop your idea further?       nb. If you are intending to pay for a consultant to help with a feasibility study or business plan, please attach a draft brief for the consultant outlining the work you want them to carry out and the hours quoted. 13.b) How do you intend to generate income to deliver the proposed idea/service?       14.a) Name the key people involved in developing the idea. Briefly state their relevant skills and experience.       14.b) Please describe how the people your idea intends to benefit will be involved in its development?       5
  6. 6. 15.How will you ensure that anyone who wishes to access your services is able to do so? For example, have you thought about culturally appropriate services, or about carers’ needs?       16.What will be a realistic successful outcome from this proposed activity? (This is the information we will use for evaluating the success of the Keeping House investments, e.g. develop a pricing strategy for the service or establishing whether there is a market for the proposed service)       Financial information 17. What is your current annual income? £      18. How much of this is from trading income? (charging for services or selling goods) £      19. Using the space provided please provide a breakdown of what you would spend the development grant on. Please include details of any additional funding you would be putting into the idea. Item Amount (£)                                                                                                 A. TOTAL       B. Amount you are requesting from us       C. Amount from other sources       i/ A must equal B+C ii/ Please give written estimates for larger items, e.g. consultancy costs iii/ If applying for sessional workers, state how many hours/sessions and cost per hour iv/ If applicable, specify how many hours you / your consultant will be spending on a study / plan and enclose the draft brief if you intend to employ a consultant 6
  7. 7. Other information 20. Does your organisation have: i) A Bank Account Yes No ii) Audited Accounts/Financial Statements Yes No iii) A written constitution or set of written rules Yes No IMPORTANT!! Please send us a copy of all the documents you have ticked “Yes” to. If you have a bank account you should send a copy of your most recent statement. However, if your organisation is currently in receipt of an LCC grant, or you have received previous Keeping House investment in this financial year, you do not need to re-send us item (iii). Signed by:       Date:       On behalf of (organisation’s name):       21. If your application is unsuitable for Keeping House, may we pass it on to a more suitable funder for them to consider it? Yes No May we pass on information contained in this application to members of the selection panel and those who manage and administer Keeping House? (n.b. see note below about the data protection and freedom of information act) Yes No Signed:       Date:       Data Protection & Freedom of Information We will only use the information in this form to consider your Keeping House application. The information in this form will only be available to the Keeping House Panel and those who manage and administer it. However, you must sign under question 22 to allow us to do this and we cannot consider your application if you do not do so. We will retain applications in line with our file retention policy. Any personal information provided on the form is protected under the Data Protection Act (1998). However, under the Freedom of Information Act (2000) we may be required to release information about which organisations are or have been supported by Keeping House grants. If you have any concerns about this or any other matter about your information you should contact us (see contact details below). Please return your completed form to: David Peel Leeds Adult Social Care, 2nd Floor East Merrion House 110 Merrion Centre, Leeds LS2 8QB Telephone: 0113 247 7095 Email: Fax: 0113 247 7779 Textphone: 0113 247 6976 7