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Creative support planning solutions


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Creative support planning solutions

  1. 1. Creative Supportplanningsolutions Case study1 It was widelyidentifiedthatJackmay wishtoimprove hisdiet,manage householdtasksandsocialise more. People were encouragedtolookat real local servicesandbuildinsupportwhichmightalsobe free to access (orsubsidised) throughlocal VCS. Suggestedideas:  Bereavementsessions –establishwhetherhe mayneedsome helpadjustingtothe lossof hiswife. There are free toaccess bereavementgroupsinBradfordhe couldbe signposted to.  Ratherthan provide servicestohim, how couldJackbe helpedtomanage onhisown? CouldJulie be paidtohelphimwithsimple householdtasks? Coulditbe the case that he simplyneedstolearnhowtouse hiswashingmachine –couldJulie show himhow? Could she showhimhowto make some basic nutritional meals,how tofollow arecipe,how toput togethera shoppinglist,helphimwithshopping?  Is there a laundrette nearbythatwill doservice washes? If hiswashingmachine wasno good,couldhe have a one off paymenttobuy a new one so thathe coulddo hisown washing?  It was mentionedthatJacklikedgardeningandwasa practical person. Couldhe offerto helpJulie withhergardeninreturnforherhelp – maybe she couldmake hima few meals and take themround. Wouldhe like togoto an allotmenttosocialise withothergardeners there? Maybe he couldhelpwithagardeningclubat hislocal school to give hima sense of purpose andto involve himinhiscommunity.  Lunch clubs,cookand eat sessions,Sundaylunchathislocal pub – meetingbothhisdietary requirementsandthe social elementof hislife.  Ministryof foodBradfordcookerycourses. Case study2 It was widelyidentifiedthatBrianwantedtobe independent,fitandhealthy, be enabledtoshop and to socialise more. Suggestedideas:  Use hisbudgettopay for a taxi to take himto his local golf clubsothat he couldsocialise withfriends,maybe be enabledtogoouton a buggy sothat he couldparticipate inagame. Hopefullylookatdraftinginfriendstohelpmake thishappen.  Escortedshoppingtrips – pay a PA.  Be enabledtouse online shopping –maybe a one off paymentfora computerto enable himto access services,learning,information,advice,asocial network.  Purchase a Wii and use it to playvirtual sports,getfriendsroundtoplaywithhim.  Look at hiseligibilityforanadaptedvehicle.
  2. 2. Case study3 It was widelyidentifiedthatAngelawantstobe an active citizen,learn,use herskills,socialise,be as independentaspossible andthatshe andher motherneededabreakfromeachother. Suggestedideas:  Voice activated/adaptedcomputertechnology andotherassistive technology. Enable her to socialise online,learn,shop,doresearchetc.  Volunteering/employmentopportunitiesforexamplebeingamysteryshopper,usingher fashionknowledge andpassion,assessingshoppingcentresforaccessibilityetcetc.  EmployherownPAsrather than relyonhome care so that she couldbe more in control and maybe employapersonof a similarage withsimilarinterests. Enable herfriendstohelp her– thismightmeanher friendscouldattendatrainingcourse abouthow to helpAngela to transferforexample sothatshe couldgo on shoppingtripswiththem.  Assistedtotake holidaysratherthanrespite whichshe mightotherwise be settlingfor. Look intootheralternativesforrespite,be enabledtogoonweekendbreakswithfriends.  Introduce herto peersupportnetworks.