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Engage Prague 2017 - Thomas Bata, Bata


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From local to global, digital marketing as a bridge

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Engage Prague 2017 - Thomas Bata, Bata

  1. 1. From Local to Global, Digital Marketing as a Bridge
  2. 2. Brand Context • 123-year-old brand with conservative approach • Highly decentralized brand – high level of local authority over branding • International, but not global brand • Technology-challenged • Diverse main markets: Italy, China, India, Chile, etc • Primarily a shoe brand with retail, wholesale and manufacturing Bata markets with direct distribution
  3. 3. Brand Objectives Four criteria 1. Move from an international brand to a global brand 2. Build the brand on a clear consumer insight and clear target consumer 3. Build iconic products 4. Keep our core followers engaged Heritage Brand purpose Insight based product
  4. 4. Brand Pillars Angela • Our target customer • Consumes 34+ hours of media a week • In some markets, social is already her most- consumed media source • Our strategy is “to sweep her off her feet”
  5. 5. Marketing Ecosystem Stores – Main point of interaction with the brand. 8m+ visits a day. Traditional Media Channels – Minimal exposure. Focused on key magazines for image building. Some use of radio for tactical local campaigns “BataClub” Membership Club – 28m members in our loyalty club. Target is conversion and visit to our store/e-commerce. Social Media – Brand equity-focused. Build brand image amongst consumers and create consideration. Events – Engage consumers with real-time in-store and out-of-store events. Share these through the above channels.
  6. 6. Why Focus on Social Media? 1. Global - Reach is virtually global. Our consumers are savvy and connected. 2. Measurable – Traditional channels are hard to measure. As a result, they are always being challenged. 3. Possible to Use Engaging Content – This is more challenging in other channels where time, space or medium are limited. 4. Cost Effective – The relative cost of a social media campaign is lower than conventional channels. 5. You Can’t Avoid It – Consumption patterns highly favor it due to time spent by consumers on mobile devices. We need to be where our customers are. 6. Underdeveloped – Faster for us to build new dimension than modify existing conventions.
  7. 7. Situation 1 Year Ago Discount/promotion orientated Non-branded / equity negative
  8. 8. Now – Engaging Content Based on Insights Video-based content Relevant to our consumers Authentic material
  9. 9. Social Media Evolution 2015 • 100+ accounts across many channels • Locally run with little investment in content • Promotion orientated • No brand stories • Response times varying from 2 hours to 2 weeks • 2.0m followers (FB) fragmented • Few influencers Now • Focus on three channels • Consolidation into a branded umbrella on Facebook • Analytical tracking of content performance with Socialbakers • Partial integration with e-commerce • 3.4m followers (FB) 2018 • Fully optimized content, focused on branding • Fully integrated with e- commerce • Highly developed Instagram channel • FB 30% global content and 5.0m followers • Robust group of key influencers
  10. 10. Bata Fashion Weekend • First global branded event held in Prague with press and influencers from 40+ countries • Live-streamed via social media with over 3.3m tuning in to the streaming on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube • Total views after two weeks via influencers, fFBb, corporate, press, etc in excess of 20m consumers
  11. 11. Influencers • Key influencers selected by market – collaborate deeply with brand using their social media presence as well as ours. • Same formula works in different markets – but local customs are still strong. Local influencers are very effective at bridging this. • Focus primarily on Instagram – notable exception is China – need to use local channels.
  12. 12. New Process Bata Marketing Team Drives Sales / Experience Builds Brand Equity / Content Content, Strategy, Plannning Local teams execute media plans, buying and localization
  13. 13. Thank You