Engage Dubai 2015: Tarek Metwally Mohamed Shalby, Toyota


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Always connected, always live: the Social Command Center presented at Engage Dubai 2015 by Tarek Metwally Mohamed Shalby from Toyota

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  • Introduction ( 1-2) MIN
    Self Introduction : ( Name and Position)
    Manage Expectations : Today I would like to discuss and talk about the command center
    I will not cover the technical part of the command center setup, physical requirements,…...
    What we will talk about today is how Toyota answered two important questions, the Why and How ? why any business should consider building a command center ?what is the benefits of the command center, and how to use your command center to serve your business objectives ?

  • BI & Analytics Intro ( 3) Min ---- 2 slides

    -first let agree about that, it’s not a choice any more for brands and businesses to invest in analytics and business intelligent
    Because of …..
  • So Let's take a step back before talking about the command center and briefly talk about the Analytic and BI.

    One of the impacts of our knowledge- and information-based economies today is the very large amount of data amassing in databases both inside companies and in the environment. “Talk about big data and why business need to invest in analytics and data mining in a brief“

    Business intelligence (BI) is the term used to describe the set of technologies and processes that use data to understand and analyze business performance
    (Pearlson 327)

    How should we evaluate analytics and BI tools, and how to select the right one to the business  Link that with SocialBakers
  • What you should consider when you plan your Command Center (10) Min ----

  • If we can summarize the benefits of Social Command Center in one sentence .. It will be …
  • Easy to have
    Easy to implement
    Easy to use
    Not expensive

    Don’t fall into the trap of “ ….having these nice shiny screens on your wall”

    These are not the right reasons to guide your decision to have a command center
  • For Toyota it was important to think beyond the screens in the wall and to manage the expectations of the command center value

    Command center is just the beginning and not the end of road. The limit of a command center is the sky.

    The function that all Command centers share is acting as a central, visual hub for social data, but the ways brands use it may differ dramatically.
  • Test it .. Evaluate it. Measure the impact .. And then move fast

    Customize it to serve your purpose, objectives, and needs

    Train your team..
  • Set the right objectives
  • Be careful and Specific when you set your objective and always link it with a practical action plan
  • Engage Dubai 2015: Tarek Metwally Mohamed Shalby, Toyota

    1. 1. Social Media Command Center Toyota Saudi Arabia The future is always a function of the present
    2. 2. Technical Implementation Implementation & Roll-out The Why and How ?Why do you need a command Center ? How to utilize the command Center ? Socialbakers
    3. 3. Today’s competitive battleground is fueled by information
    4. 4. Business Intelligence and Analytics Business intelligence and analytics are a source of strategic advantage DATA INFORMATION KNOWLEDGE BI &Analytics Maturity level
    5. 5. “...Nobody wants data. What they want are the answers.” – Professor David Hand of Imperial College London, March 2014
    6. 6. ‘It’s all about making good decisions’ Social Command Center The Toyota Social Media Command Center is a physical space where social media content, brand performance, competitor analysis and engagement activities are monitored in real-time
    7. 7. Avoid distraction Shiny Object or Intelligent Hub?
    8. 8. The social media command center is only as valuable as the strategy it supports. Build the command center to serve the business and to deliver insights—not just data or metrics Set up the command center with practical purpose and actionable process Understanding the Misunderstanding
    9. 9. Start Small .. Be Smart .. Move Fast
    10. 10. Training Any good relationship begins with a lot of giving
    11. 11. Be clear about what you want
    12. 12. Brand Opportunities and Threats Driving Content Strategy Monitor the Landscape Connect Social Data with Business DataBrand Health Awareness
    13. 13. The Key Word here is Real Time Instant Insights
    14. 14. www.toyota.com.sa www.aljleague.com www.alj.com Thank you Tarek Metwaly, Head of Digital Shalbytm@alj.com +966 555 605 791