Engage Dubai 2015: Andrew Phillips, Daman


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ActiveLife: Mobilising the community into a healthy lifestyle through content presented at Engage Dubai 2015 by Andrew Phillips from Daman

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Engage Dubai 2015: Andrew Phillips, Daman

  1. 1. ActiveLife Mobilising the community into a healthy lifestyle through content
  2. 2. Insert a footer note Sources: HAAD Health Statistics 2012; Daman; Al Junaibi et al. 2013 (n=1035 UAE nationals from grades 1-12); WHO Global School-based Student Health Survey 2010 Fact Sheet (n=2591 students from grades 8- 10). Chronic conditions: diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, obesity, coronary artery disease, chronic liver disease. Anticipated net payment for chronic conditions calculated assuming 5% population increase and 10% inflation based on 2013 figures from Daman. Todays context Lifestyle trends Key indicators suggest that population is not fit and significant costs are paid for chronic diseases
  3. 3. ActiveLife activities are full integrated into Daman’s holistic business solutions ActiveLife - A holistic solution to address employees’ health ActiveLife helps to empower the HR function and contain utilization ActiveLife activities TrainYas, GoYas and TriYas are key pillars in Daman’s core business, allowing the HR Manager to become empowered and able to manage the health of his staff Daman inspires the HR manager Daman supports Human Resources with the right tools and content Daman provides calls to action for members to get activeScreening Corporate Health and Wellness HR Manager becomes the
  4. 4. How we use ActiveLife as a driver of change Using health as a proxy for health insurance emotional Health Health Insurance rational Mobility Ease of access /usage Medical Data Storage LifestyleFunctionality My Daman/Claims Authorization Health tips Lifestyle/Hobbies Provider locations/rating PBM Personal Data Storage Family Health ActiveLife/Events BMI SM integrateion
  5. 5. Social Media is one of three channels The digital, social media and mobile strategyies – SM in context Developing new channels to acquire and engage our members will involve digital, social media and mobile platforms that deliver a meaningful user experience. Activelife: Q3 2014 DSA: Q2 2014 Activelife: Q3 2014 DSA: Q2 2014 Daman: Under discussion Activelife: Q2 2015 DSA: Q2 2015 Daman: Under discussion Social Media Cust Service HR Web Mobile Tranasctional • App replaces card • My Daman/ • Claims • Provider Services locations/ratin g • Health Campaigning • Social Media • Loyalty • ActiveLife Events Lifestylefocus • Its is our objective to improve the digital experience and interactions by mapping our information architecture against our target audiences and improving user navigation. • Decoupling front from back end
  6. 6. The brand is the starting point ActiveLife
  7. 7. Defining the social media ideal ActiveLife
  8. 8. Translating attributes and values into themes and stories ActiveLife
  9. 9. Mapping content ActiveLife
  10. 10. Integration Building critical mass We used on-site activation to grow our community from 4,000 fans to 21,000 fans in 8 months whilst delivering the ActiveLife brand into households with quality Dri-FIT exercise wear. Get new fans at events Giveaways are high quality and encourage heavy use and driving word of mouth
  11. 11. Get your 15 minutes of fame We diversified content using more rich media. The high utilisation of mobile device by our fan base meant a clear focus on event imagery and videos which are optimized to be viewed on a smart phone. Short video segments filmed by our team and released post event
  12. 12. Creating a dialogue We created a meaningful dialogue with fans, addressing local topics and most importantly involving our community. Start a dialogue Most up to date information
  13. 13. Knowing when to talk to our community We used analytical tools to better understand user behavior and adopted a posting strategy that maintains high engagement and encourages fan participation Pre event call to action Mini-album live post Full album shared within 24 hours
  14. 14. Knowing when to listen and celebrate success We recognized the achievements of our fans and encouraged them to share their stories with us. Handing over ownership of ActiveLife to the community. Celebrate success with our fans
  15. 15. Knowing when to listen and celebrate success We recognized the achievements of our fans and encouraged them to share their stories with us. Handing over ownership of ActiveLife to the community. Celebrate success with our fans
  16. 16. ActiveLife is the glue that hold’s the community together Getting our partners on board We work closely with our partners to achieve a high level of transparency to the community while delivering consistent messaging and maximizing reach across multiple communities. Coordinated posts on facebook Multichannel distribution Partners share our posts on their communities
  17. 17. Creating ActiveLife “Moments” Leveraging the equity created by the brand campaign Aligning our community platform on the moments campaign that Daman has launched. “Capture your healthy moment” Upload page: 1.The user click on UPLOAD 2.Select a photo from his library 3.Add a title in the TITLE section 4.Add the place of the photo’s location using geo- tagging techniques. Landing page: 1.Welcomes the user to the application 2.Includes a description of the app 3.Includes call-to- action [UPLOAD button] 3.Clarifies the conditions and rules for winning the prize Thank you page: 1.Show the user the finalized photo 2.The user has the option to add another photo to the Gallery 3.”Go To Gallery” button directs the user to the Gallery page Gallery page: 1.Demonstrati -on of the photos uploaded by the users on a map.
  18. 18. Creating Daman Social media “Moments” campaign Content created for ActiveLife By Daman The Social Experiment: Moments by Daman. Designed to drive engagement, likes shares and posts. E.g. “My child reeeeeeeeaaally likes sugar!!!”
  19. 19. Our ActiveLife community mobilization initiatives promote the values of physical fitness, mental fitness and performance The Result: ActiveLife has driven health in our community How the community has reacted to ActiveLife Get aware Get active Perform 44,000 Facebook followers representing a strong community platform over last 18 months 230,000 people got active in our events since 2013 1 2 3 103,000 people performed in our events since 2013
  20. 20. Contact: Mr. Andrew Phillips, Director of Marketing andrew.phiilips@damanhealth.ae Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/activelifedaman