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Engage Bali 2016: Veronica McGregor, NASA


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Building Social Colonies

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Engage Bali 2016: Veronica McGregor, NASA

  1. 1. NASA: Building Social Colonies
  2. 2. @CassiniSaturn  
  3. 3. @MarsCuriosity  
  4. 4. 5  @NASAVoyager  
  5. 5. 100% Organic @NASA_Hubble  
  6. 6. @MarsPhoenix  
  7. 7. NASA on Twitter @NASA 19 million @NASAHQPhoto 2.3 million @MarsCuriosity 3.4 million @AsteroidWatch 1.3 million @StationCDRKelly 1.04 million 67th  most  followed  account    
  8. 8. Share the good days
  9. 9. …and the bad days.
  10. 10. @AsteroidWatch   Understand  our  audience(s)  
  11. 11. Engagement
  12. 12. 360 and VR
  13. 13. Take it offline @NASASocial  
  14. 14. “I’m sitting at a table with a physics student, airplane designer, TV director, science- fiction writer and freelancer from WIRED Magazine!” – Holly Ewing-Suso “The Tech eMom” via Facebook
  15. 15. “What no one could have predicted is the degree to which the Tweetups have also created a close- knit and enduring community, building bonds among people who share a love of space exploration. In some cases, the gatherings have transformed lives.” -- Mitchell Landsberg Los Angeles Times  
  16. 16.   Juno Launch to Jupiter KSC/Cape Canaveral
  17. 17. You are absolutely incredible in what you do. You have the ability to reach people through social media. We can reach people who never got any word about NASA. Some of them didn’t have an interest in NASA. Just by your being here and doing what you do, you’ve opened up avenues of communication for us. Literally millions more people than we used to communicate with before. — Administrator Charlie Bolden to NASA Social participants
  18. 18. Fans    Followers    Consumers   AMBASSADORS    CREATORS    EMPOWERED   ADVOCATES  
  19. 19. We empowered a community that showed up when we couldn’t
  20. 20. 15,000 posts by 4,400 users 44 million potential impressions #ThingsNASAMightTweet  
  21. 21. “You may not have a spaceship, but your company has a fan base. They won't think of themselves as fans until they're in a room with like-minded people. They won't think of themselves as members of a community until YOU bring them together.” -- David Rosen, @davidhrosen SVP, Makovsky (now Edelman)