Social Media Updates for the Week


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SocialAppsHQ gives you weekly edition of what hot in social media news. To help you to stay updated with social media, here are the social media updates for the week

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Social Media Updates for the Week

  1. 1. Social Media Updates for the Week!SocialAppsHQ gives you weekly edition of what hot in social media news. To help you to stay updatedwith social media, here are the social media updates for the week - 1. Social Media News- LinkedIn’s Next Generation of Profiles: Meet the new LinkedIn Profile: A better way to connect and build relationships. LinkedIn has made it easier to tell your professional story, discover people and opportunities and Engage with your network. Facebook Announces New Pages Structure for Global Brands: With this new structure, Facebook users will be directed to the best version of a Page based on the country those users are in, enabling them to see localized cover photos, profile photos, Page apps, milestones, “about” information, and news feed stories from Pages – all while remaining part of the global brand community. Pinterest adds blocking & reporting features: These new Pinterest features, “give you more of control, including the ability to block and report a user and more granular email settings”.
  2. 2. Klout takes perks to the next level: You will now be able to discover and claim perks directlyfrom your phone. The updated iphone app will notify you when you’re eligible for pre-qualifiedperks, and then allow you to claim that perk immediately, wherever you are.
  3. 3. 2. Social Media Webinars Last Week’s Webinars Who Owns the Customer, and Who Should? A Conversation With Paul Greenberg The New Visual Web: Pinterest and Image-Driven Social SellingUpcoming Webinars, 16th October Marketing Goes Mobile – and Local: How Location-based applications to improve the effectiveness of their messages? ,23rd October 15, 2012 Results from the Social Customer Engagement Index Survey, 30th October
  4. 4. 3. Social Media EventsLast Week Events BOLO 2012 Chicago Social & Mobile Financial Services Leadership Forum 2012 MIMA Summit, Social Media for Public Administration and Institutions Social Media & Online PR – New YorkUpcoming Events Fast Track Digital Marketing- Chicago Training, 23rd October 2012 Integrated Digital Marketing Roundtable, 24th October 2012 Managing Digital Teams & Organizational Structures Roundtable, 24th October 4. Social Media Articles Obama vs Romney on Social Media Beyond the social business buzzword Beyond A Buzzword: Social Business Delivers Value Social Business can bring measurable value 5. Social Media Case Study Case Study: Check out how “Aamby Valley City ran photo contest which was huge success and the end result was not only fans were happy but also Bollywood celebrities were talking about it. 6. Social Media Tools Puzl: A free website-building tool aimed at entrepreneurs, advanced web users and beginners alike. Keeeb: A new bookmarking tool to save, organize and share anything from any webpage. Social Engine: A tool to create your own custom social network.
  5. 5. If you think we have missed out anything worth mentioning here then do help us in making this listmore informative by leaving your comments below in the box.Stay tuned to get weekly updates on social media CheersSocialAppsHQ