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Social Ape Workshop - Intro To Facebook For Business


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This presentation is tailored to those who already have a Facebook business page but would like to increase their reach and brand awareness even further than their current effort have produced. Information includes the best times to post to Facebook, free tools to create content, tips to create content that will resonate with your fans, the type of content that will garner the most reach, how to successfully run contests in compliance with Facebook regulations, etc. Stay tuned for more workshops from Social Ape!

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Social Ape Workshop - Intro To Facebook For Business

  1. 1. INTRO TO FACEBOOKFOR BUSINESSSocial Ape Workshop Series
  2. 2. WHY IS FACEBOOK IMPORTANT FOR YOURBUSINESS? 500 million people login to Facebook daily Most common age demographic is 25 to 34 years Facebook is now a top customer service tool People trust Facebook Most of your potential customers are alreadyinteracting with their friends and family onFacebook each day Seeing ads and business pages on Facebook isnow common
  4. 4. BEST TIMES TO POST TO FACEBOOK Mornings after 9am After lunch during the work day About 1pm to 3pm During prime time TV Between 8pm and 11pm During LIVE TV events Super Bowl, Final Four, Awards shows, etc. Do NOT post during work commutes or after 11pm
  6. 6. THE BEST CONTENT TO EXPAND YOURREACH Certain types of posts have more reach:1) Text only (very high reach, 50-75%*)2) Links (20-40%)3) Photo Albums (20-30%)4) Photos (20%)5) Shared status updates (very little reach, 10-15%)*(Percentages are estimates and reflect posts with NO interaction; Each post will vary.)
  7. 7. THE BEST CONTENT TO EXPAND YOURREACH For your most important posts, USE TEXT ONLY. If you must post photos, post photos that areguaranteed to attract plenty of engagement(Likes, Shares, Comments)
  8. 8. THE BEST CONTENT TO EXPAND YOURREACH When posting photos, use call-to-action items toentice your fans to engage with your post Ask your fans to LIKE or SHARE your photo “LIKE this photo if you love our new pizza!” “Thumbs up if you would love to have this beautiful dress!” “SHARE this photo with your friends to tell them of thisawesome deal!” Use descriptive words to entice your fans to engage with yourpost
  9. 9. THE BEST CONTENT TO EXPAND YOURREACH Example of a Call-To-Action Photo Caption
  10. 10. CONTENT CREATION TOOLS FOR PHOTOS PicMonkey – Photo editor and photo collage tool Instagram – mobile app Photo-editing and photo-sharing app Over - mobile app Mobile app to add text to photos Quizzio – Create beautiful photos with quotes
  12. 12. KEEPING YOURFACEBOOK PAGE FRESHContent Ideas To Keep Your FansEngaged
  13. 13. KEEPING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FRESH Take advantage of current events
  14. 14. KEEPING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FRESH Tie in your content with sports
  15. 15. KEEPING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FRESH Reference National Holidays
  16. 16. KEEPING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FRESH Post Behind-The-Scenes Photos
  18. 18. KEEPING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FRESH Ask Trivia Questions
  19. 19. KEEPING YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE FRESH Use a FUN Voice to encourage engagement
  20. 20. FACEBOOK PAGE AESTHETICS Be creative with the appearance of your Facebookpage Use consistent branding throughout Change cover photos often for more exposure “Pin” the most important posts to the top of yourpage for maximum exposure “Highlight” certain posts to appear bigger on yourtimeline Fill in your Facebook page timeline with “Foundeddate” and important past dates Ex: June 05, 2008: Opened 2nd store in Columbia, SC
  21. 21. FACEBOOK CONTESTSAcquiring new Facebook fans LEGALLY
  22. 22. FACEBOOK CONTESTS Facebook contest NOT in compliance withregulations
  24. 24. FACEBOOK CONTESTS Contests MUST BE held within a Third Party App Shortstack App Contests cannot use LIKES or SHARES as avoting/entry mechanism If using Facebook Ads to promote contests, beaware of 20% Rule! Ideas for Facebook Contests Photo Contest Essay Contest
  25. 25. FACEBOOK CONTESTS Contest WITHIN Facebook’s regulations
  26. 26. FACEBOOK CONTESTS Kimbrell’s Ugliest Couch Contest Analytics Increase in Facebook Fans during contest – 431 (33.77%) Facebook Fan UNLIKES during or after the contest – 50(11% of new LIKES) # of Contest Participants – 14 (3 others were incompleteentries) # of Friends of Fans increased 15% to about 616,000 Hits to the Contest App – 1,403 At the height of the contest (final days of voting) theFacebook Page reach grew to over 6,270 people in oneweek The contest flier was “shared” 61 times on Facebook The Facebook Photo Album of entries was shared 3 times Amount of $ spent on Facebook Ads for the contest -$39.84
  27. 27. FACEBOOK INSIGHTS (ANALYTICS) What to watch: Which posts did better than others? Questions? Photos? Announcements? Demographics of your Facebook fans Male to female ratio? Age group? Location? Days with the most page Likes What was posted on this day? Days with the most page Unlikes Which posts caused you to lose fans?
  28. 28. OTHER ANALYTICS Track traffic to your website coming from yourFacebook page with Google Analytics Social Analytics links Track the click-throughs on each link that you post
  29. 29. CUSTOMER SERVICE VIA FACEBOOK Put yourself in the customers’ shoes DO NOT argue with the customer (even privately) React promptly – 24 Hour Rule Ask the customer to send you a private message Take it offline Do not delete complaint posts Take this chance to show how well you’ve handled thesituation Show transparency in everything you do Brands that have nothing to hide are more likely to betrusted
  30. 30. TIME MANAGEMENT AND SOCIAL MEDIA #1 obstacle for business owners Create a content calendar each week (Sundayevenings) Assign times each day to monitor and respond toposts Ex: 9am-10am and 5pm-6pm Schedule posts in advance ONLY if you have time to monitor the reactions fromthese scheduled posts Don’t abandon your fans
  31. 31. IN CONCLUSION Give your brand a FUN voice Be personable Be creative Try new strategies Fail to plan, plan to fail Always keep your customers in mind Have fun!
  32. 32. socialapemarketing.comapril@socialapemarketing.comFacebook: socialapemarketingTwitter: @socialapemktg