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April 21st Vancouver Eco Fashion Week


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Social Alterations Presentation for EFWV 06, presented by Mary Hanlon

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April 21st Vancouver Eco Fashion Week

  1. 1. Mary Hanlon | Nadira Lamrad with Designer in Residence Maughan Pearce & Contributor Katrine Karlsen April 21st, 2013
  2. 2. Image Source: CNN,
  3. 3. $%@& !!!
  4. 4. Woman Weaver by Holly Battelle, Creative Commons License: Positive Light,
  5. 5. Megaphone by Robert Nilsson, Creative Commons License
  6. 6. Responsible Fashion
  7. 7. Canadian Responsible Fashion Consortium Let’s make it happen. Come see us. Let’s talk. Here. All. Day.