Review: Community Project, St Anns Hospice


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Review: Community Project, St Anns Hospice

  1. 1. COMMUNITY PROJECT B Hunter & Flower Wu Yanzi
  2. 2. Introduction and outline Recap context of the project Outline of the project Deliverables Outputs and feedback Challenges Suggestions for improvements and future work Conclusions
  3. 3. St Ann’s Hospice Greater Manchester’s largest hospice Established nearly 40 years ago Serves a population of approximately 1.2 million people Provides palliative care for those with progressive diseases & life threatening illnesses £6 million of income per annum required from fundraising
  4. 4. Manchester Midnight WalkLargest fundraising event organisedby St Ann’s Hospice10 km walk around Manchester citycentre, starting at midnightRaised in the region of £250,000 inthe first two yearsFriday 2nd July 2010Target is to have 4000 walkers atthis year’s event
  5. 5. Project overview Production of social media toolkits - for staff and supporters Production of promotional and instructional videos Local blogger engagement Deployment of activities across Twitter, Facebook, YouTube etc. to promote Manchester Midnight Walk Monitoring and measuring of social media activities to promote Manchester Midnight Walk Image c/o Matt Hamm Follow up interviews with staff and supporters about social media toolkits and usage
  6. 6. VideosWorked with St Ann’s to create a briefVideo promoting the Midnight WalkVideo social media tool kitsDistributed online Image c/o Horia Varlan
  7. 7. Midnight Walk Blog Posterous | Collaborative / multi-author Sustainable Integration Image c/o inju
  8. 8. Midnight Walk blog
  9. 9. Social media toolkits St Ann’s Hospice website 6 documents Consultation with volunteers Syndication - online & offline Image c/o geoffrey_haberman
  10. 10. Additional activities Blogger & Twitter engagement Twibbon Hashtag | #night2remember Spotify Image c/o minifig
  11. 11. Outputs & feedback1,000 750 500 250 0 Image c/o kevinzhengli Twitter Facebook
  12. 12. Over 800 unique visits since January 2010Toolkits have had 100 hits on SAH website + emailrequests“I really like the resources produced for @StAnnsHospice Veryuseful!” - Fundraiser for Action for Children in Conflict inKenya“The online fundraising guides have given us a massive pushforward in terms of empowering our supporters to raise moneyfor us online. Many of our supporters are slightly nervous ofusing online methods and are daunted by setting up Facebookpages,Twitter accounts etc. – but now they have the perfecttool to ease them in with confidence. We have wanted toproduce similar guides for some time now but just haven’t hadthe resources, so this is a massive thing for us” - SeniorCommunications Officer for St Ann’s Hospice
  13. 13. Challenges Difficult filming conditions for example lighting Engagement Extensive and open scope of project Time consuming Image c/o kevindooley
  14. 14. Moving forward... Expanding and maintaining relationships Exploring new technologies Creative approach Long term sustainability and growth Widening participation Image c/o
  15. 15. Conclusions Engagement isn’t easy Time heavy Long term strategy Exploring new technologies Social media embedded into the practices across SAH More than fundraising and MMW Image c/o
  16. 16. Any questions?