Community Project, St Anns Hospice


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Overview of a social media project being undertaken on behalf of St Ann's Hospice, Greater Manchester - and the Manchester Midnight Walk

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Community Project, St Anns Hospice

  1. 1. COMMUNITY PROJECT St Ann’s Hospice, Greater Manchester
  2. 2. About St Ann’s Hospice Greater Manchester’s largest hospice Established nearly 40 years ago Provides palliative care for those with progressive diseases & life threatening illnesses Majority of patients are admitted with cancer related illnesses - but the services are open to those with non- cancer related illnesses
  3. 3. Serves a population of approximately 1.2 million people Over 3,000 use the hospice’s services each year Average length of patient’s stay is 14 days Employs over 300 staff and has 700+ volunteers
  4. 4. Funding NHS contributes just over 35% of the £9 million running costs £6 million of income required from fundraising £16,000 of donations needed each day
  5. 5. Fundraising Manchester Midnight Walk St Ann’s Hospice Shops Tree of Lights Lock Up Your Boss Christmas is Coming Concert Overseas Challenges St Ann’s Hospice Lottery
  6. 6. Manchester Midnight Walk Established in 2007 Largest fundraising event organised by the St Ann’s Hospice 10 km walk around Manchester city centre, starting at midnight Raised in the region of £250,000 in the first two years
  7. 7. Manchester Midnight Walk 2009 Launched with PJ Parade Flash Mob Over 3200 walkers Raised in the region of £200,000
  8. 8. Manchester Midnight Walk 2010 Friday 2nd July 2010 Registration already open Early bird entry fee £12 Target is to have 4000 walkers at this year’s event
  9. 9. Manchester Midnight Walk Promotion Static website - Web 1.0 Newsletters E-mail marketing Posters ‘Traditional’ media channels Word of mouth
  10. 10. St Ann’s Hospice & Social Media Twitter Facebook Picasa YouTube Why?
  11. 11. Other online presences St Ann’s Hospice website | eBay UK Just Giving
  12. 12. Initial project brief Audit of current social media activities Blueprint of how to manage social media within across St Ann’s Hospice Produce social media toolkits for staff and supporters Development of social media activities surrounding the Manchester Midnight Walk 2010 Image c/o
  13. 13. Project overview Facilitate social media education in various forms Deployment of activities across multiple social media channels to promote Manchester Midnight Walk Monitoring and measuring of social media activities to promote Manchester Midnight Walk Follow up interviews with staff and supporters about social media usage etc. Image c/o Matt Hamm
  14. 14. Project timeline December 2009 | Initial client meeting January 2010 | Follow up meeting and project finalised. Start of social media ‘training’ February 2010 | Education activities to continue and begin social media promotional activities surrounding Manchester Midnight Walk. March 2010 | Social media promotional activities surrounding Manchester Midnight Walk continued April 2010 | Review of all activities May 2010 | Project completed Image c/o
  15. 15. Potential issues Scheduling of activity especially the shooting of the video material Communication between all parties - ensuring no overlap of activities Lack of willingness to engage by supporters etc. Image c/o The Jez Page
  16. 16. Expected outputs Materials for ongoing use and development of social media activity across St Ann’s Hospice Metrics from Google Analytics, Facebook, YouTube, blogger engagement and Twitter Walker recruitment statistics Feedback obtained through interviews Image c/o kevinzhengli
  17. 17. Any questions?
  18. 18. Further information @ Web | Twitter | @midnightwalk - #night2remember Facebook | ManchesterMidnightWalk YouTube |