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How Do You Measure Social Media Success


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The presentation explores latest feedback compiled by Kelly Loubet, Director of Social Community Marketing for Social2B, a Social Media Marketing company

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  • Good one Kelly. I like the way you deep dive into each conversation and search for some meaning. This is going to be the future of community management.
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How Do You Measure Social Media Success

  1. 1. By: Kelly Loubet Director, Social Community Marketing Twitter @social2b @childhood How Do You Measure Social Media Success? How Do You Measure Social Media Success?
  2. 2. I asked my friends on Twitter this question: How do you measure social media success? The answers ranged from funny to absolutely serious.
  3. 3. Ok... so he makes jokes. BUT... he did bring up a good point. The reaction of our audience is a great way to measure our success. And that is no laughing matter! (Insert laughs here) “ “
  4. 4. There’s a number of ways we can measure social media success. If we’re just talking about Twitter, we could measure the amount of re-tweets. A re-tweet shows we’re getting a reaction from our audience. But does it measure success? On some level... I guess it does. “ “
  5. 5. I added this because it made me giggle. “ “
  6. 6. Engaging on Twitter has created a great number of important contacts for me. It would make sense that if those relationships led to email correspondence... that could be counted as a measurable success. “ “
  7. 7. Social metric tools are everywhere. Some of them... like the one mentioned, will take a conversation distinguished by a hash tag and deliver the tangible statistics. A report might show who was chatting, what was said, and how many people were reached. “ “
  8. 8. This answer was one of my favorites. Building a community ... a relationship with our followers creates brand loyalty. “ “
  9. 9. I viewed having a customer conversation as a success because it plants a seed. Jon felt like a seed is only planted if the conversation is a success. But really... whether or not the conversation was successful... a seed was planted. It might be a positive review or recommendation or it might be a bad experience. “ “
  10. 10. “ “ An online community built around a specific topic such as “special needs parenting” is the perfect example of a successful social media strategy.
  11. 11. “ “ This is in reference to the number of Twitter followers I personally have. I’m humbled!
  12. 12. “ “ Are the numbers important or is it the level of engagement? It’s like the age old argument of what came first... the chicken or the egg?
  13. 13. “ “ Ken has a good point. If we don’t get a return on our relationship investment ... a massive number of followers does us no good.
  14. 14. Kelly Loubet Director of Social Community Marketing at Social2B On Twitter @Social2B and @childhood [email_address]