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Using all the technologies available to improve recruiting relationships with Chris Hoyt


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While some view social media as a great tool for sourcing, others, such as Chris Hoyt a.k.a. @therecruiterguy, the Marketing, Talent and Engagement Leader at Pepsico, are using social media simply to improve the overall recruiting experience for candidates.
Prior to social media, Hoyt admitted to Sarah White (@imsosarah) that candidates had a really tough time finding an avenue to reach out to a company. But with Twitter, Facebook pages and even SMS, Hoyt and his recruiting colleagues have made themselves far more available to engage and build a relationship with potential hires.
It’s plenty fun, but he knows he has to track all this communications and engagement. If not, it’s just a hobby, said Hoyt.
That engagement can take many forms in terms of types of feedback, improvements in quality of experience, and overall increase in relationships.

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