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Sociabull are offering social media training, and this slideshow will tell you what you can expect. For further information about the training, call us on 01628 526208 or e-mail

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Social Media Training from Sociabull

  1. 1. Social Media Training: Our offering -Prepared by Dane Cobain01628 526208,
  2. 2. About the Training: We speak social • Sociabull is the social media division of Nobull Communications, a PR company • Worked in social media since 2007 • This slideshow is a sample of the training session we offer • E-mail or call us on 01628 526 208 for pricing and booking information“
  3. 3. Course Topics: Introduction • What is social media and why does it matter? • Creating a protocol and choosing a tone of voice The Big Three: • Facebook, Twitter and YouTube The Other Three: • LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest Blogger Outreach • And how bloggers can help you“ Applications: • Putting your smartphone to use Other Resources: • Books, blogs and e-books
  4. 4. What is Social Media? • A loose concept • Users make the content • They connect you with your friends • Enhance real-life relationships “Social media puts the ‘public’ in PR and the ‘market’ in marketing.” – Chris Brogan, best-selling author, consultant and blogger“ The Six Types of Social Media Collaborative Projects Social Networking Sites Blogs/Microblogs Virtual Game Worlds Content Communities Virtual Social Worlds
  5. 5. Why Social Matters: • 1 billion Facebook users (600 million mobile) • 140 million Twitter users • 4 billion YouTube views per day • 175 million LinkedIn users • 400 million Google+ users • 20 million Pinterest users Social Isn’t Free • Time investment – do not approach half-heartedly • Competition prizes“ • Freelancers: Web and graphic design, copywriters • Low investment, high value • Inbound leads cost 62% less than outbound leads
  6. 6. The Big Three:“
  7. 7. Facebook: Quick Facts: • 1 billion monthly active users • Over 500 million daily active users • At its IPO, it was valued at over $100 billion • Average of 3.2 billion likes and comments per day • Over 42 million Facebook pages with >10 likes Why use Facebook? • Your audience are already there“ • It’s the most widely used • You have to start somewhere! • Use a page, NOT a profile
  8. 8. Twitter: Quick Facts: • 1 billion tweets posted each week • ~500,000 new accounts each day • 50 million daily active users • 140 million monthly active users • Originally conceived as a service for mobile phones • Quick, fast-paced messages • Automatically public • Hashtags group posts using similar keywords together“ • Great for events • Plenty of third-party apps
  9. 9. YouTube: • The 2nd largest search engine in the world • Easily the most popular video-sharing site • Used by people and brands alike • Users can make ‘channels’ and upload video • Main metrics: Views and Subscribers Quick Facts: • 800 million unique monthly visitors • 3 billion hours watched each month“ • 72 hours uploaded every minute • 500 years of YouTube videos watched on Facebook every day
  10. 10. The Other Three:“
  11. 11. Smartphone Applications:“
  12. 12. Other Resources: • Social is changing on a daily basis • It’s important to keep up-to-date with trends • Live and breathe social • Be active personally on the sites you use professionally • Learn on-the-job Staying up-to-date with social • Follow blogs • Subscribe to YouTube channels • Download e-books“ • Attend webinars • Read books
  13. 13. Memory Stick: We include further resources on a memory stick: Social Media Protocol • Adapt this to suit your needs • Add your own branding The Presentation • For future reference“ Selected E-books, including: • How to Achieve Business Growth Through Blogging • How to Attract Customers with Twitter • How to Use Facebook for Business • The Complete Guide to Global Social Media Marketing
  14. 14. Get in touch to find out more about our social media trainingSpecial concession price of £100 available for ITT (Institute of Travel and Tourism) members -Prepared by Dane Cobain01628 526208,
  15. 15. Intellectual property Nobull Communications Ltd Pump House, Stag Place, Wooburn Town, Bucks HP10 0TTTel: 01628 526208 Fax: 01628 532319
  16. 16. Nobull Communications Ltd 2012The ideas and creative concepts contained within this document are copyright work ofNobull Communications Ltd and may not be reproduced in whole or part in any form or anymedia without the prior written consent of Nobull Communications Ltd. Copyright will notbe transferred to the client until such point Nobull Communications Ltd has been paid forthe ideas or creative concepts contained within this document.Nobull Communications Ltd, The Pumphouse, Stag Place,Wooburn Town, Bucks, HP10 0TT