Sin eng-53 - busy buses(form)


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Sin eng-53 - busy buses(form)

  1. 1. Name of the School: Raffles InstitutionAddress : Raffles Institution, One Raffles Institution Lane, Singapore 575954School Leader:Story Title: Slow Bus ServicesTel.: Email: Mentor Teacher : Mrs Ramesh STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Jordan Ng Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 2) Name: Leben Chew Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 3) Name: Jovan Chan Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 4) Name:Aaron Choe Age: 14 Grade: Secondary 2 5) Name: Age: Grade:
  2. 2. August Our plan was simply to write to SBS transitMany students and teachers from our about our problem and hope for changesschool take the bus to school every day.We ourselves do take the bus too, and we to be made, but if we were to do that, we probably will not be able to make much offelt that the waiting times for the buses any impact. Therefore we needed evidencearound our school were getting more andmore erratic, and think that it may pose a to back up our claims, and also a person ofproblem to other students who take the higher authority to endorse our claims to make it more impactful.bus. Therefore we wanted to change thisproblem.
  3. 3. To start off, we began by conducting a survey given to 60 students that take the bus from our school. From this, wegathered evidence of the bus waiting times being long and indeed being a problem for the students. With this, westarted our action week.We set up a facebook page to garner support from our peers and to post questions and updates about our project.We also held a joint exhibition with the other DFC project groups in Raffles Institution held at the main atrium,which lasted 3 days. Posters we made showcasing our findings and our cause were put up. Many students andteachers came down to take a look at our posters and learn more about the various topics we are focusing on. Onour poster, we had added a petition and many students and teachers did come forth to take a look at our posterand sign our petition.For two days, we went around our school and approached several students to explain our project to them. Wethen proceeded to ask them to sign on our petition to help support our cause.On the last day, we made use of the ‘Meet the People’ sessions held every Tuesday night to approach the MP ofBishan-Toa Payoh GRC, Mrs Josephine Teo. We presented our findings to her and requested of her that she assistus in propelling our project forward. A few days later, we received a letter written from her stating that she will behappy to forward our findings to SBS transit for their use in planning service improvements. This is good news forus as it means we are now one step closer to achieving our goal of improving the waiting times of buses aroundour school.An improvement to the waiting times of buses around our school would impact all of the students and teacherswho take the bus to school. Although we do not know the exact number of people impacted, the number will begreat as many students and teachers do take buses to school everyday.