Sin eng-46 - pet rangers (form)


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Sin eng-46 - pet rangers (form)

  1. 1. Name of the School: Unity Secondary SchoolAddress : 20 Chua Chu Kang Street 62, Singapore 689143School Leader: Mr Chan Ying YinStory Title: The Adventures of the Pet RangersTel.: 67671070 Email: Mentor Teacher : Mr Tan Yee Kee STUDENT INFORMATION 1) Name: Lim Jia Qian Age: 14+ Grade: Secondary 2 2) Name: Stephanie Lee Li Hui Age: 14+ Grade: Secondary 2 3) Name: Lee Jia Yi Age: 14+ Grade: Secondary 2 4) Name: Erika Age: 14+ Grade: Secondary 2 5) Name: Lew Jun Wei Age: 14+ Grade: Secondary 2 6) David Wei 7) Tan Tian Le Grade: Secondary 2
  2. 2. th th 15 August to 19 AugustPlease refer to attached word Please refer to attached worddocument titled DFC Form Unity document titled DFC Form UnitySecondary School Secondary School Please refer to attached word document titled DFC Form Unity Secondary School
  3. 3. Step 1: FEEL  There are a lot of problems in Singapore. Most are solved, but some are still unsolved. There is a problem in Singapore that trouble us, the pet rangers is about abusing and abandoning the pets.  Our objective of this project is to create a campaign to raise awareness to the public about animal abuse and how we can prevent it.  To further understand this problem, some of us went down to visit the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA). We even went to their web page to find out ways on how we can help those animals.  We feel that there is a need to help those pets as they are either being abused or abandoned as they cannot retaliate when abused.  We requested our teacher mentor to talk to our school principal, Mr Chan Ying Yin and took on the problem of setting up an exhibition booth to let the students know more about pet abuse and also to raise funds to donate to SPCA.Step 2: IMAGINE  We discussed with our teacher mentor about what can we have in the exhibition booth. Many ideas came out such as:  Posters to tell the students more about SPCA and those abused animals.  Donations  Presentations  Distributing of brochures about abused animals.  Pledge boards for students to write down what they pledge to do to protect the animals.  In the end, we decided to take all the ideas we have and start planning for the booth.  We decided to focus more on the pledge boards as we would like to see what the students will really do to protect the animals, after knowing what the poor animals had suffered. This pledge boards will tell us whether the students benefited from this exhibition and know their ideas of protecting the animalsStep 3: DO  We organized meetings among us, to split the work, and start preparing for the booth. 2 people will do the posters and pledge boards, 2 people will do the presentation and the rest will prepare the logistics for the booth.  We will be setting up the booth for 2 days.  Posters will be set up to tell the students more about the abused and abandoned animals.
  4. 4.  Presentation slides will be set up. Pledges boards and post-it tags will be available for the teachers and students to write their pledges. Some of the best written pledges will be selected and prizes will be awarded to the winners. Donation box will be set up for students and teachers to donate generously to the SPCA for them to provide better facilities for the pets in SPCA. Brochures will be distributed to the teachers and students for them to know all about the abused animals.