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Sin eng-37 - hygiene


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Published in: Education
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Sin eng-37 - hygiene

  1. 1. It started when a group us signed up iinthe Community Involvement Program(ICIP) in our school to Cambodia from 3June to 7 June 2011.Team membersLi Jun, Syahmin, Farzaana, Mingxuan.Haziq and Luqman
  2. 2. So we started to discuss what could be thepossible problems that children face inRoka Primary School, where we were goingto…
  3. 3. So we started to do a little research on the school . And this is what we found out …1. This village was founded around 60 years ago, one of the oldest in the area.2. Although Siem Reap is a popular tourist destination, it has been ranked as the second poorest province with the sixth highest illiteracy rate.3. Over the years, the community has put in much effort to build and rebuild the school.
  4. 4. We also found out that the children werevery poor to afford basic toiletry needslike toothbrush, toothpaste, combs,towels, nail clippers, soap and shampoo .
  5. 5. So our group decided to focus on theirpersonal hygiene.
  6. 6. We taught hygiene at Roka Primary School today.We distributed items like toothbrushes,toothpaste, combs, towels, nail clippers, soapand shampoo to the pupils, which we collected inSingapore as donations.
  7. 7. We helped them wash their hair, showedthem how to hold the toothbrushes,especially for the younger pupils and alsohow to clip their nails.
  8. 8. Our greatest challenge was to communicate with theCambodian pupils. They did not understand us andtherefore, we had to use sign language and very simpleEnglish with them. We did not give up although the pupilsdid not understand us.
  9. 9. By the end of the day, we were all tired butvery happy when we saw the smiles on theCambodian pupils‘ faces as they went home.
  10. 10. We like to thank our teachers and the school forgiving us this opportunity to make the change inin the lives of these pupils from Roka PrimarySchool in Siem Ream, Cambodia, even though itwas it was for a few days.