Sin eng-0056 - dont waste food


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Sin eng-0056 - dont waste food

  1. 1. Done by: Fitri Azalea Zahirul Haqq Amira Qalisha Xu Daofu Huang Xueli
  2. 2. When our teachers told us about this project, wewere very excited and interested in it. We decided to do aStray Cats project. Since there were so many stray catsaround the neighbourhood, we decided to make a homefor them. But there was one problem. Where were wegoing to keep the cats? The project could not be done.
  3. 3. Since the project could not be done, we decided to embarkon a new project, entitled “Don’t Waste Food! Eat Healthily!” asa lot of people seemed to waste food and throw away thevegetables given by the canteen vendors. We didn’t know how tostart on the project, and we didn’t meet up as a group veryoften. Finally our group met up. We were unsure of how to startthe project.
  4. 4. We decided to organise a few games for the Primary 1sand Primary 2s in our school. We started off with making someposters to be put up around the school so the P1s and 2s wouldbe able to know about the project. We also told them about itwhen we had our prefect duties on Wednesdays.
  5. 5. Finally, the big day arrived for the P1s and2s to come and play. It was on the 16th, 19th,22th, 24th, 26th, of August 2011. The P1s and2s were coming from 3.00p.m. to 4.00p.m..Our team had gotten our stations ready by2.00p.m. The P1s and 2s started pouring in at3.00p.m. everyone was very excited about thegames they were going to play.
  6. 6. Everyone was very excited as they playedwith the different games we had organised asthey learnt about the different types ofhealthy food and unhealthy food, names ofdifferent types of food and many more. Theyall showed a lot of interest in our games andalso learnt a lot of new things.
  7. 7. Station 2: Food sorting That was way too Here’s your easy! sticker! The food sorting station requires the students to sortdifferent types of food into the healthy food group and unhealthy food groups. This allows them to learn about the different types ofhealthy and unhealthy food.
  8. 8. Station 4 is about solving a puzzle that the pupils need tofind the hidden message. The message is “If you want tostay healthy, you need to eat healthy”. I have interviewedthem on the healthy food they eat everyday and most ofthem said that they had enjoyed the games and at thesame time, they have learnt something new of theimportance of eating fruits and vegetables. They havelearnt a lot. There are also more stations at our project.
  9. 9. Theyarehavingfun!
  10. 10. Basically , for station 5 Idid a quiz for the first time.. Then for the followingweek I did magnets onfruits and ask them to puton the right one and then…..Never mind you shouldknow when I show youthis … F:SDC11460.AVI
  11. 11. You’re wrong , it’sThis is so easy this … …
  12. 12.  65% of the pupils do not waste food. 35% of the pupils waste food. 59% of the pupils when rounded off eat fruits and vegetables twice a day. 38% of the pupils when rounded off eat fruits and vegetables everyday. 3% of the pupils do not eat fruits and vegetables.
  13. 13. The end