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Lms nov 2010

  1. 1. LARNED MIDDLE SCHOOL LIBRARY NOVEMBER MONTHLY REPORTGWEN LEHMAN, LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST JANICE KNEISLEY, LIBRARY ASSISTANT Kansas Library Snapshot Day Ever wonder what life is like on a typical day at the Larned Middle School Library? Through the combined efforts of the Kansas Library Association, the Kansas Association of School Librarians and the State Library of Kansas, Kansas Snapshot day was developed to highlight the services provided by public, school and academic libraries on a daily basis. On November 18th, the LMS Library participated in the 2nd Kansas Snapshot day. We provided students with a brief survey and a small "Thank You" for their input. Out of 102 completed surveys, the top three reasons for using the library are checking out resources, working on research and homework, and learning new computer skills. We also asked students what addition technology they would like added in the future. The consensus was 1 to 1 computers with the iPad being the preferred device. Finally, we asked students what they wanted to tell us about the library and library staff including any changes they think we should make. Most students indicated that the library is nice and has great books and librarians. The staff are helpful and nice. One student even said, “Thanks!” However, the top change they would like to see is more technology and computers, preferably iPads. Other changes included higher lexile books, more scary books and more candy. One student also stated, “I think you should put all of the torn up books in a box and let people have them to read at home.” Mission The Larned Middle School Library will be an inviting, user-friendly hub providing opportunities for active, engaging and challenging learning for students and staff through various media resources, programming and collaboration. The LMS Library will provide a quality program that will enable students to be lifelong learners and enhance the curriculum and technology standards of Larned Middle School.
  2. 2. LMS LIBRARY INTERNET IDENTITY Program HighlightsCard Catalog: Allowsstudents and staff to searchthe collection at school orhome-- Library Website:General information onlibrary policies & procedures,programs and Teen AdvisoryGroup--http://www.usd495.net/1507201712277/site/default.asp • Taught 5th and 6th grade students how to save their documents to the server during library skills time • Visited Mrs. Smith’s morning classes and taught her 7th grade students how to save to the server and some tips and shortcuts on the new laptops • Created a trivia bulletin board for the month. For every 4 questions the students answered correctly, they received a piece of candy. If students answered all the trivia questions correctly, they received a book. • The Word of the Day contest was such a success, that we have continued the program on a regular basis. A new winner is drawn every 2 weeks and students can enter daily by using the word of the day correctly in a sentence. • Only 1/4 of the fiction section is left to complete our genre relabeling project. • 11 new items were added to the library collection • Students are beginning to come to the library before and after school to answer trivia questions and explore new computer programs
  3. 3. Data Snapshots 7th & 8thLMS LIBRARY STATISTICS, NOVEMBER 2010 Graders VisitTotal Circulation 1469 the LHS Book Fair5th Grade Circulation 4656th Grade Circulation 4937th Grade Circulation 1028th Grade Circulation 143Other 266Card Catalog Total Page Hits 1104Kan-ed Application Usage Totals 12 Filled Denied/CancelledTotal Resource Requests 44 2Desktop Computers in Library 3 0Laptop Computers 34 2TV/DVD/Video 1 0Multimedia Cart 2 0Other 4 0