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Lms feb 2011


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Published in: Education
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Lms feb 2011

  1. 1. LARNED MIDDLE SCHOOL LIBRARY FEBRUARY MONTHLY REPORT GWEN LEHMAN, LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST JANICE KNEISLEY, LIBRARY ASSISTANT Book Fair DinerThe LMS Library hosted theScholastic Book Fair February9th - 21st. The book faircentered around an oldies dinertheme. With the help of 12student book fair crew membersand Mrs. Kneisley, the library was fair goodies. many enjoyed eating them.transformed into a diner filled The proceeds from the floatswith a counter, jukebox and large As part of our Book Fair went into the One 4 Booksportioned food. Diner, the library staff and Program, which encourages book fair crew sold mini rootEach day of the book fair, schools to raise money for beer floats to the LMSstudents could participate in the 3 the purchase of books for an students for 10 cents.counting contests and the Book organization in need or their Dillons assisted the libraryFair Diner trivia. The winner of own school. We decided to with a $20.00 gift cardeach counting contest received use the funds to purchase toward the purchase of 20the items being counted (bubble books from the teacher pails of ice cream. Thegum, pickles and jelly beans). classroom wishlist. We were students had a great timeAny student who completed the serving up the floats and (continued on pg. 2)trivia had their name placed in adrawing for a basket full of book Book Fair Crew man the Cashier Can you believe that...? Got Bieber Fever? table.
  2. 2. LMS LIBRARY INTERNET were able to purchase $64.00 worth of classroom books that students in all IDENTITY grades will be able to enjoy. After the fair, the book fair crew celebrated with a pizza party and a brainstorming session for next year’s book fair. The theme will be...did you really think I was going to tell you? You’ll just have to wait for next year to find out. More photos are available on the LMS Library Website.Card Catalog: Allows Book Fair Resultsstudents and staff to searchthe collection at school orhome-- Book Fair Sales $3570sessionid=1NYR545AQ36404832 Free Books $2037LMS Library Website: Credit $14.17General information on One 4 Books $64.9library policies & procedures, 3 Making a guess in theprograms and Teen Advisory One 4 Books money was used counting contestGroup--http:// to purchase from the fair for the classr1507201712277/site/ oom. Book re c o m m e n d a t i odefault.asp n s we re obtained from the classroom Mission teachers. The Larned Middle School Library will be an inviting, user-friendly hub providing opportunities for active, engaging and challenging learning for students and staff through various media resources, programming and collaboration. The Serving up some floats LMS Library will provide a quality program that will enable students to be lifelong learners and enhance the curriculum Some high school TAG and technology members came to help us standards of Larned serve floats Middle School.
  3. 3. Data SnapshotsLMS LIBRARY STATISTICS, FEBRUARY 2011Total Circulation 13005th Grade Circulation 2366th Grade Circulation 2537th Grade Circulation 868th Grade Circulation 125Other 600Card Catalog Total Page Hits 419Kan-ed Application Usage Totals 31 Filled DeniedTotal Resource Requests 28 3Computer(s): Library Desktops 1 0Computer(s): Laptops 23 3Multi-media Cart/Projector 0 0TV with DVD/VCR 0 0Video Camera/Camcorder 0 0Other 4 0 Having fun at the Book Fair Diner!