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Lhs dec jan

  1. 1. LARNED HIGH SCHOOL LIBRARY DEC/JAN MONTHLY REPORTGWEN LEHMAN, LIBRARY MEDIA SPECIALIST PAM FITZGERREL, LIBRARY ASSISTANT Google Mail & Apps Make the Scene In December 2010, student gmail accounts were created and made available to high school students. In addition to their school email account, students obtained access to to iGoogle start page, Google Calendar and Google Docs. These additional tools allow students to collaborate on projects with their peers. It also allows them the ability to communicate with their teachers electronically. Students can share their projects with their teachers online and receive feedback for improvement before submitting their project for a final grade. These tools also allow the students to submit their work electronically, the teachers to grade the project and return it to the student without having to print a single paper. At the end of the first semester, Ms. Lehman extended a training offer to the teachers for the start of the second semester. The teachers could schedule their classes for Google App training. Three teachers took advantage of this opportunity. Training classes began the first week of January and teachers were encouraged to bring their own computers so they could also practice using the new tools. Students learned and practiced the following skills: • Access email account • Create contact groups in their email • Create labels for organizing their email messages • Customize their email account settings • Access and customize their iGoogle start page • Basic features of Google Docs • How to upload a document into Google Docs • Sharing features on Google Docs • Work with a shared Google Doc • Access and customize Google Calendar • Adding and editing events on Google Calendar Students enjoyed the hands-on work with their school email and the Google Apps. Since the training, several have used it for class on group projects and communicating with their teachers.
  2. 2. LHS LIBRARY INTERNET Program Highlights IDENTITYCard Catalog: Allowsstudents and staff to searchthe collection at school orhome, access eBooks, renew& place holds on books-- Library Blog: • TAG Team Christmas Tree decorating in the library. The TAG membersInformation relating to decorated the tree with home-made ornaments in preparation for the TAGbooks, technology, events, Christmas Party.news and more--http://lhslib2007.edublogs.org/ • TAG Christmas Party--Members participated in a book exchange, finger foodLHS Library Facebook meal and “Cat Whip.”Page: Updates on events,programs, books and more-- • Ms. Lehman presented Google Apps to 8 classes at the start of January.http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Larned- Students received the basic knowledge of the applications, ideas on how theyKS/Larned-High-School-LMC/ could use it for their schooling and time for hands-on application.221632271653 • Ms. Lehman presented 3 sessions of Google Apps at the Inservice on JanuaryLHS Library Website:General information on 17th. Participants received instruction on the applications, suggested ideas forlibrary policies & procedures, using in for their own organization and with their students and hands-onprograms and Teen Advisory practice with the applications.Group--http://www.usd495.net/150620171264587/site/ • The library received the donation of a high top table (pictured above) indefault.asp January from Mrs. Fitzgerrel. Students use the table for working on homework, computers and playing table games. Several have asked us to getLHS Library Delicious:Collection of bookmarks more tables like this.selected specifically for theneeds of staff & students at Upcoming EventsLHS--http://www.delicious.com/lhslib2010 In celebration of Dr. Suess’s birthday, the TAG Team will be going to PhinneyLHS Library Flickr: again to read to the students on March 3rd. TAG members will share theirShared photos--http:// favorite Dr. Suess books and some goodies with the students.www.flickr.com/photos/socdownload/
  3. 3. LHS LIBRARY INTERNET Data Snapshots IDENTITY LHS LIBRARY STATISTICS, DECEMBER 2010 & JANUARY 2011 December 2010 January 2011 Total Circulation 404 496 9th Grade Circulation 53 60 10th Grade Circulation 64 69Card Catalog: Allowsstudents and staff to search 11th Grade Circulation 38 52the collection at school or 12th Grade Circulation 108 67home, access eBooks, renew& place holds on books-- Other 141 248http:// Card Catalog Total Page Hits Not Available 170LHS Library Blog: Library Facebook Page 142 90Information relating tobooks, technology, events, Kan-ed Application Usage Totals 19 *111news and more--http:// *Increase on Kan-ed Usage is due to Inservice in Januarylhslib2007.edublogs.org/ Loaned Borrowed Loaned BorrowedLHS Library FacebookPage: Updates on events, Interlibrary Loan 2 5 14 10programs, books and more--http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Larned- Filled Denied Filled DeniedKS/Larned-High-School-LMC/ Total Resource Requests 11 0 53 3221632271653 Computer(s): Library Desktops 1 0 5 0LHS Library Website:General information on Computer(s): Laptops 8 0 36 1library policies & procedures,programs and Teen Advisory Multi-media Cart/Projector 1 0 9 2Group--http://www.usd495.net/ TV with DVD & VCR 1 0 1 0150620171264587/site/default.asp Video Camera/Camcorder 0 0 1 0LHS Library Delicious: Other 0 0 1 0Collection of bookmarksselected specifically for theneeds of staff & students at MissionLHS--http://www.delicious.com/lhslib2010 The Larned High School Library will be an inviting, user-friendly hub providing opportunities for active, engaging and challenging learning for students and staff through various media resources,LHS Library Flickr: programming and collaboration. The LHS Library will provide a quality program that will enableShared photos--http:// students to be lifelong learners and enhance the curriculum and technology standards of Larnedwww.flickr.com/photos/ High School.socdownload/