Google Apps Pt. 1


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Used for tech training with educators

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  • Settings - General, Labels, Inbox, Labs\nTasks - not showing much because I use something different, but happy to help you look at this in more detail if you are interested\n
  • Sending/Receiving - talk about threads, sending w/a different account\nPersonalize - emoticons, images, fonts, attachments\nMore - Task, Create Event, Filter\n\n
  • Groups - use App group as example\n
  • Archive - in All Mail, designated Labels & searchable\nDelete - moves to trash which is deleted after 30 days, don’t show in labels, limited searching\n
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  • Viewing - print calendar, turning calendars one & off\nSettings - General, Labs, Mobile Setup, Calendars (import & export)\n
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  • All day show different on the calendar view (solid color)\nCheck calendar for correct selection\nAdd Attachment\nReminder options - calendar has to be open in your browser for pop to work\nGuests - watch options of what they can do, if you send to non-gmail person they should use the yes/no/maybe in the email to mark their answer\nShow how to copy an event to a different calendar - can’t be on your calendar to someone else\n
  • Sharing - district groups don’t seem to work & has issues with the number of people you share the calendar with\nDifference between Share with public & Share with organization\n
  • Publish - this is like a webpage people can access and view (can’t make changes), have to make your calendar public\nEmbed - good for making as part of your website\n
  • YouTube Video\n
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  • Download - Desktop Presenter (make sure to login with Google), show the Sliderocket presenter on the iPad (login w/Google)\n
  • Toolbar - various forms of media to add\nComments - have others comment on your work (YouTube video)\nAudio - add recording\nHistory - see all your revisions\n
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  • Toolbox - Standard, Shapes, more shapes, user images\nMenu bar- edit, save, etc.\nProperties - font/text formatting\nDock - page navigation, object properties, text editing, page settings, document history\n
  • Shapes - add, format\nText - add, format\nLines - add, format\nTheme - use this so you don’t have recreate a style over and over again\n\n*You can also do a copy if you don’t want it to go throughout the document\n
  • YouTube video on sharing\n
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  • Google Apps Pt. 1

    1. 1. Google AppsEmail, Calendar, SlideRocket, Lucid Chart Ft. Larned School District August 8, 2012 Presented by Gwen Lehman
    2. 2. Intro to Mail• Display Density• Themes• Settings• Priority Inbox• Tasks
    3. 3. Mail• Sending & • Filter Receiving • Move to & Adding• Personalize your Labels message • More• Reply, Reply All, Forward• Searching
    4. 4. Contacts• Add & Delete• Groups• Find & MergeDuplicates
    5. 5. Store & Organize• Using Labels• Archiving vs. Deleting• Using Filters• Spam & Trash
    6. 6. Class Use Ideas• Turn in assignments• Send in assignments and websites• Club news & information• Basketball tournament• Missing assignments from absences• Send overdue notices
    7. 7. Calendar Layout• Viewing Options• Settings• My Calendars vs. Other Calendars
    8. 8. Add Event• Quick Add• Add on date• Add on specific calendar
    9. 9. Event Features• All Day• Repeat• Calendar selection• Attachments• Reminders• Add guests
    10. 10. Create a Calendar• Details• Sharing Options• Notifications
    11. 11. Publish & Embed • Publish calendar • Embed calendar
    12. 12. Class Use Ideas• Due dates• Projects - bigger project then set along- the-way due dates (timeline)• Have to share your calendar - create one for your classroom/class• Library calendar
    13. 13. SlideRocketWhat is it?
    14. 14. Why SlideRocket?• Collaboration• Publishing abilities• Not tied to a computer
    15. 15. Sliderocket Dashboard• Presentations• Slides• Media• Themes• New• Import
    16. 16. Presentation Dashboard• Summary• Share• Collaborate• Analytics• Tags• History• Download
    17. 17. Creating • Title & Theme • Slide Properties • Text format • Toolbar • Comments • Audio • Library
    18. 18. Class Use Ideas
    19. 19. Lucid Chart• Request permission• My documents• Create & Import• Tutorials• Community
    20. 20. Features• Toolbox• Menu bar• Properties bar• Dock
    21. 21. Creating• Shapes• Text• Lines• Theme• Link
    22. 22. Sharing• Collaborate• Publish• Downloading• Printing
    23. 23. Mind Mapping• Under more shapes• Drag & drop to get started• Keyboard shortcuts
    24. 24. Class Use Ideas• Collaborate on projects• Collaborate on Outline• Reinforce what you have talked about on a topic• Literature - storyline, character comparison• Chart out propaganda• Study Guide• Steps in math problem