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Viral Adoption of Connections via Activities - Increase User Productivity and Hence Adoption, Thru Clever Design


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Join IBM Champion Adam Brown to learn how to create viral adoption of IBM Connections Activities with Kudos Boards. Increasing the usage of Activities can introduce new users to Connections with a clear purpose and goal. They can have that "ah ha!" moment and understand why they should get involved in this new social platform! However the challenge is that users can struggle with the interface of Activities and gaining widespread adoption takes time. Organisations such as Dutch Tax Office, PepsiCo, Mizuno USA, Salvation Army, and many others, have overcome this challenge using Kudos Boards for Connections Activities. INCREASED USER PRODUCTIVITY AND HENCE ADOPTION, THRU CLEVER DESIGN. Get real work done and learn how to sort and manage your projects in a PERSONALISED way so you can focus on what is important to you. Organise My Current Tasks….or leverage Agile Kanban to mange your project teams. And now you can even make Activities ROCK on your Mobile Devices!!!

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Viral Adoption of Connections via Activities - Increase User Productivity and Hence Adoption, Thru Clever Design

  1. 1. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Managing Tasks with IBM Connections Activities – even when MOBILE! Adam Brown| Director Innovation | ISW IBM Champion for Collaboration @adambrownaus
  2. 2. What we will cover… What we love…and don’t about Connections Activities Why do some users struggle with Activities? What we have done to Activities to make them Rock! Getting real work done with Activities Response to RFP, Customer Account Plan, New Employee Orientation, Brainstorm an idea, Agile Project and many many more……. Less slides (unless internet lets us down), more demo. Please be social and ask questions or even better tell us your ideas!!!
  3. 3. But first… A little story about how when technology is intuitive user adoption and engagement is SO MUCH EASIER!
  4. 4. Meet my family
  5. 5. But first where are we from..6th Largest Country in the world – An entire continent – 7.6 Million Sq KM
  6. 6. Toronto, June 6-7 2016
  7. 7. What we saw at Australia Zoo
  8. 8. How we felt after a day at Australia Zoo
  9. 9. Our 4th Design Goal! We believe there is an opportunity to increase adoption of Connections by increasing user productivity in getting work done. If you can help users get their job done, then user adoption will no longer be a challenge. If you make it intuitive then all the better! •Design Goal 4 – Increase user productivity, and hence adoption, thru clever intuitive design. •If you want to know the first 3 best talk to me later!
  10. 10. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Thanks for listening Adam - @adambrownaus
  12. 12. Toronto, June 6-7 2016