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Sasja Beerendonk & Nienke de la Bey - Connect, it WorX for Secretaries


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Spiders in the web at Saxion!
Saxion WorX is the New Way of Work (NWOW) program at Saxion. Saxion WorX stands for result-oriented, efficient and enjoyable work, regardless of place and time. It uses innovative technology to guide our students’ studies as optimally as possible. IBM Connections is used as the primary platform for collaboration and knowledge sharing, called ‘Connect’.
Secretary WorX is a co-creation secretary adoption program that focuses on secretaries and PA’s. Secretaries started their journey together to define their persona, define their work and their role as ‘spiders in the web’. As they went along they also defined all the tools, agreements and behaviour necessary to be this result-oriented, efficient worker that enjoys doing her work from any place and time – provided that secretaries become more personal effective for them selfs and the organization. This actually got them to ‘get’ Connections for what it can do for them.
Join this session if you want to learn about the program, the way we did this and how we made it fun and ‘of themselves’.

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Sasja Beerendonk & Nienke de la Bey - Connect, it WorX for Secretaries

  1. 1. Kom verder. Saxion. Secretary Social business adoption Sasja Beerendonk (e-office) Nienke Peek (Saxion) Zurich, june 28th 2013 for secretaries
  2. 2. Kom verder. Saxion. Introducing Programme manager WorX at Saxion Communications specialist 1978 Understanding peoples motives & behaviour pioneer creative Saxion, Getronics, Ministery of Internal Affairs BE the change to want to see Machu Pichu Utrecht different cultures & food Less is MORE User Adoption consultant for Saxion e-office 1970 history teacher collaboration consultant Rotterdam social IBM cooking adoption cats-and-dogs travel sci-fi spinach analytics
  3. 3. Kom verder. Saxion. About e-office • e-office, founded in 1991 • We are IBM Premier Partner • We employ about 100 specialists, located in Houten • We propagate a good balance between people, organization and technology to fit the way of working in this century: work21 – We implement the latest IBM and mobile technologies – We guide the organizational and behavioral changes necessary to improve work processes (user-adoption) – We advise organizations on how they can use technology to improve collaboration and to work more efficiently, regardless of time or place
  4. 4. Kom verder. Saxion. About Saxion • Saxion University of Applied Sciences ‘durft, kiest & doet’ • one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands • 2,400 employees • Over 25,000 students (and growing) with a total of 55 different nationalities • 4 Locations: Enschede, Deventer, Apeldoorn, Hengelo • 293 studies/schools • Proposition: Living technology
  5. 5. Kom verder. Saxion. Agenda 1. Context: why this program? 2. Preparation is everything! 3. The program – keys to success: interactivity & fun 4. Measurement results 5. Embedding in the organization
  6. 6. Kom verder. Saxion. an introduction • Saxion’s vision of the new way of working (nwow) • Creating a professional work climate in which we use state of the art IT tools that will make work more effective and efficiënt • Increasing the flexibility of the organizations and the staff • Work concepts that contribute to employee satisfaction • Not about the tools, about starting the move to ‘the way we work new’ that matches our ambitions, making use of new technology. Technology is necessary to make the move possible: “Living Technology” 1.
  7. 7. Kom verder. Saxion. objectives • Enhance employees’ personal efficieny by optimally using available technology. • Enhance collaboration and co-creation • Transparant and efficient, securing and continuity • Enhance employee welfare, engagement and work pleasure • Being an attractive, modern employer; contribute to ‘Living Technology’ • Decrease perceived work-pressure 1.
  8. 8. Kom verder. Saxion. Secretary WorX 01-10-2012 tot 01-06-2013 Mobile Devices 01-10-2012 tot 01-08-2013 Business as Usual week 01-10-2012 tot 30-04-2013 WorX Leadership 01-05-2013 tot 31-12-2014 Teachers WorX 01-10-2013 tot 01-05-2014 Buddy Systeem 01-09-2013 tot 01-04-2014 Line Adoption 01-05-2013 tot 31-12-2014 Qualitative • Enhance personal effectivity of employees by using available technology optimally • Enhance collaboration • Transparant and efficient, embed and cntinuity • Enhance employee well-being, engagement and work pleasure • Be an attractive employer, contribute Living Technology • Lower perceived d work pressure Mission summary • Enhance co-creation internally and in partnership with organizations • Personal leadership • Profiling in the domain High Tech Systems & Materials • Offer inspiring learn- and work environment / attractive employer • Enhancing well-being employees • Enhancing available knowledge within Saxion and in partnership with organizations • A well-oiled organization with clear business processes is necessary Quantitative • Smart, more with less, quality education • Less travel time and cost per location • Lower perceived work pressure by decreasing time spent on meetings with 20% • Less email (40% less) > Implication: Investment in time and focus requires a different way of working (Courage and intelligence required!) Qualitative • Enhance pro activity MA’s • Shift the foundational attitude of MA’s to unburdening • Enhance availability and accessability of Academies or Services Saxiongoals WorXgoals Traveling circus 01-01-2014 tot 01-08-2014 Research WorX 01-02-2013 tot 15-07-2013 Digital Learning and Work Environment 01-08-2013 Tot 31-12-2014 Secretary WorX 2 01-09-2013 tot 01-03-2014 Kudos Unified Communications Quantitative • Allow for substituteability • Lower time spent on calendar delegation, meetings and reports with 20%, so the time can be spent on pro activity and unburdening 1.
  9. 9. Kom verder. Saxion. in a nutshell… 1.
  10. 10. Kom verder. Saxion. Do you think secretaries (PA's) would be a good group to do a social business adoption program? • Yes • No • Maybe Go to and enter 88 29 15 to vote
  11. 11. Kom verder. Saxion. You can still vote! and enter 88 29 15 to vote
  12. 12. Kom verder. Saxion. Why Secretaries? 1.
  13. 13. Kom verder. Saxion. qualitative • Management’s perception of proactivity • Enhance the perception of unburdening by management quantitative • Functional substitutability • Time reduction calendar management • Time reduction deliberation (meetings) • Time reduction reports KPI’sOperationalmodel Pleasure • Increase fun in work Personal efficiency • Availability • Times fetching knowledge (pull) • Times bringing knowledge (push) Process efficiency • Predicatble meeting process Time reduction • Hours saved per week Proactivity • Times proactive acts per week Unburdened manager • Perception of being unburdened 1.
  14. 14. Kom verder. Saxion. Goals Secretary WorX • Get to know each other better • Collaborate more intensively • Share knowledge • Professional development • Substitutability • Work smarter and more efficient • More uniform work processes 1. human organizationtechnology housing
  15. 15. Kom verder. Saxion. Program specification • In-depth interviews • 3 workgroups – Persona ‘Secretary in 2020’ – Learning days – Professional work scenarios • Kick off • 3 Learning days • Embedding in the organization 2.
  16. 16. Kom verder. Saxion. Interviews Purpose of interviews: • Get a good look at secretaries current work activities & time spent • Develop a Secretary Persona and Work Scenarios Outcome: “Often we re-invent the wheel" “There sometimes are too many and too long meetings” "We often are so busy" "there is a lot of freedom to do the job role, that’s what makes it unclear“ "I often have plans to make things better, but then rarely come around to do it" “What does the Board and management want?" 2.
  17. 17. Kom verder. Saxion. Organisatie Impression workgroups 2.
  18. 18. Kom verder. Saxion. Workgroup persona Secretary in 2020 The birth of fictional secretary Alexandra Otterlo with all her exellent qualities that secretaries should want … 2.
  19. 19. Kom verder. Saxion. Alexandra Otterlo Alexandra Otterlo secretaresse ontgaderen time management kennisbank app party GTD go digitaal zero e-mail x x x x x x x x Als secretaresse ondersteun ik de sector Beweging en Vitaliteit. Van 10.00 – 13.00 uur is ons bureau open voor alle vragen en persoonlijke afstemming. Daarna vind je me meestal op de 6e verdieping, maar als je me nodig hebt kun je me het beste online vinden. In mijn werk laat ik alles digitaal. Zo is het altijd beschikbaar op laptop of tablet. Met het mailen van bestanden ben ik maar gestopt. Dat leverde meer werk op dan dat het mijn directeur ontzorgde. Ik ben een groot voorstander van onze nieuwe werkwijze. Iedereen blij. Ik werk samen met Jennifer, als je een vraag hebt kun je zien of een van ons online is. We geven altijd antwoord, want we werken op dezelfde manier en in dezelfde systemen. 2.
  20. 20. Kom verder. Saxion. Workgroup work scenarios 3 work scenarios: • Availability and accessibility • Meeting smarter • Professional development behaviour work arrangements control technology space 2.
  21. 21. Kom verder. Saxion. Workgroup learning days 2.
  22. 22. Kom verder. Saxion. Kickoff 3.
  23. 23. Kom verder. Saxion. Executive support is a must! 3.
  24. 24. Kom verder. Saxion. Saxion spiders 3.
  25. 25. Kom verder. Saxion. spiders@Saxion Community 3.
  26. 26. Kom verder. Saxion. How did we bring interactivity and fun into the program? 3.
  27. 27. Kom verder. Saxion. Photo shoot ‘Profiling yourself’ .3.
  28. 28. Kom verder. Saxion. ‘Kudos: ‘ladder points’ 3.
  29. 29. Kom verder. Saxion. ‘Crossing the line’ 3. 3. .
  30. 30. Kom verder. Saxion. Meetings 3.
  31. 31. Kom verder. Saxion. Polls 3.
  32. 32. Kom verder. Saxion. Per group: tell about your actions, inspiration and your continuous organisation form Everybody: Do we believe this group will succeed? Are we going to do this as well? Healthy polls 3.
  33. 33. Kom verder. Saxion. Traffic light I’m going to stop this I’m going to continue this I’m going to start this 3.
  34. 34. Kom verder. Saxion. Karaoke Dolly Parton’s Working 9 till 5 Became: Working when we like! 3.
  35. 35. Kom verder. Saxion. Measurement results • O measure • 1 measure • 2 measure 1. how would you rate your job satisfaction at the moment? 2. how do you see your personal effectiveness? 3. To what extent do you ‘get’ or ‘bring’ knowledge to your fellow secretaries? 4. how do you value the current meeting process? 5. my perception of my time constraints is as follows .... 6. I use my tablet at the moment! 7. By using skills I can save … time each week. 8. when it comes to pro-activity towards my supervisor or customer group, I see myself now: 4.
  36. 36. Kom verder. Saxion. Pleasure from work 0% 50% 100% hardly a little good top 0 measure Pleasure from work Pleasure from Team Pleasure from Saxion 0% 50% 100% decreased the same increased 1 measure Pleasure from work Pleasure from Team Pleasure from Saxion 0% 50% 100% decreased the same increased 2 measure Pleasure from work Pleasure from Team Pleasure from Saxion 4.
  37. 37. Kom verder. Saxion. Personal effectivity 0,00% 5,56% 61,11% 33,33% 0 measure below measure limited average fine 0,00% 77,27% 22,73% 1 measure decreased the same increased 0,00% 85,71% 14,29% 2 measure decreased the same increased 0,00% 50,00% 100,00% 150,00% 200,00% decreased the same increased change 1 measure 2 measure 5.
  38. 38. Kom verder. Saxion. Take or bring knowledge 0 0,2 0,4 0,6 0,8 0 measure I 'get' knowledge I 'bring' knowledge 0% 50% 100% minder hetzelfde meer 1 measure I 'get' knowledge I 'bring' knowledge 0% 50% 100% less the same more 2 measure I 'get' knowledge I 'bring' knowledge 0% 31,82% 68,18% 0% 50,00% 50,00% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% less the same more I ‘get’ knowledge 1 measure 2 measure 0% 45,45% 54,55% 0% 67,87% 32,14% 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% less the same more I ‘bring’ knowledge 1 measure 2 measure 5.
  39. 39. Kom verder. Saxion. when it comes to pro-activity towards my supervisor or customer group, I see myself now: 5,56% 19,44% 63,69% 11,11% 13,64% 27,27% 36,36% 22,73% 10,71% 21,43% 50,00% 17,86% 0,00% 10,00% 20,00% 30,00% 40,00% 50,00% 60,00% 70,00% be lived by the issues of the day some forethought quite a bit proactive I've got it before it happens to me pro-activity 0 measure 1 measure 2 measure 4.
  40. 40. Kom verder. Saxion. Embedding in the organization • Just 3 learning days doesn’t cut it ... • Focus on attention and time afterwards to implement WorX succesfully • Little steps and just do it! • Parade: presentations to management • The best secretaries will become a buddy! 5.
  41. 41. Kom verder. Saxion. The triangle yourself The organisation advisorThe manager / director 5.
  42. 42. Kom verder. Saxion. Secretaries are great to get social business adoption spread in my organization • I agree • I don’t agree • I’m still not sure Go to and enter 40 60 41 to vote
  43. 43. Kom verder. Saxion. Inspired to get started in your organization? • Yes • No • Not now, maybe another time Go to and enter 91 21 86 to vote
  44. 44. Kom verder. Saxion. Thank you