Managing meetings effectively with activities


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Presentation by Marion Vrielink & Sasja Beerendonk as given on November 30th in Amsterdam for Social Connections IV, the IBM Connections user group event

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Managing meetings effectively with activities

  1. 1. Saxion Connect scenario Manage meetings efficiently with ActivitiesPilot and user adoption Step up to Saxion.
  2. 2. Step up to Saxion. Agenda• Slides and agenda• About Saxion & e-office• WorX• Connect @ Saxion• Pilot program• What are scenarios?• Manage meetings efficiently with Activities – The problem with meetings addressed – Scenario overview – Activity template – Agenda, To Do list, Decisions• Demo
  3. 3. Step up to Saxion.Marion Vrielink Sasja Saxion 1963 advisor ICT in education e-office 1970 history teacher collaboration Hengelo collaboration consultant Rotterdam social IBM Tennis social IBM cooking Connect cats reading adoption cats-and-dogs travel sci-fi spinach Sports music analytics
  4. 4. Step up to Saxion. About e-office• e-office, founded in 1991• We are IBM Premier Partner• We employ about 100 specialists, located in Houten• We propagate a good balance between people, organization and technology to fit the way of working in this century: work21 – We implement the latest IBM and mobile technologies – We guide the organizational and behavioral changes necessary to improve work processes (user-adoption) – We advise organizations on how they can use technology to improve collaboration and to work more efficiently, regardless of time or place
  5. 5. Step up to Saxion. About Saxion University• Saxion University of Applied Science• one of the largest institutions of higher education in the Netherlands• 2,300 employees• Almost 24,000 students (and growing) with a total of 55 different nationalities• 3 Locations: Enschede, Deventer, Apeldoorn• 293 studies/schools
  6. 6. Step up to Saxion. WorX• Saxion’s own vision of the new way of working (nwow)• Creating a professional work climate in which we use state of the art ICT tools that will make work more effective and efficient• Increasing the flexibility of the organizations and the staff• Work concepts that contribute to employee satisfaction• Increases the internal employer (image) Not about the tools, is about starting the move from the way we work now to the way we work new that matches our ambitions, makig use of new technology. “Technology” is necessary to make the move possible “Living Technology”
  7. 7. Step up to Saxion. Connect @ Saxion• Connect is the social collaboration tool for Saxion Universities’ employees• It is also open for students• Started with Connections 3 in 2011• Started with a user adoption pilot• Upgrading to Connections 4 January 2013
  8. 8. Step up to Saxion. Pilot program• Pilot project with 55 employees• The new way of working (Worx) demands another tool• Finding experts and expertise needs to be improved• Plenty other tools in use that do not meet todays needs – Who is who (Lotus Notes) – project databases / TeamRooms – Quickr Team Places – Yammer – Email• Interviews to identify problems/chances• Define Scenarios• Promote Connect• Let employees experience Connect• Collect Best Practices
  9. 9. Change through scenarios Change management Employees create their own solution Adjustment of way of working, technology and organisation balanced awareness of work and technologytechnology push technology platform and quick wins scenarios • daily work • daily work • all the work • empowered work • direct advantage • standardisation • big change force • Instant adoption • steep learning curve • group / peer • self control • Low impact • group / peer pressure • social processes pressure • high learning curve • standaardisation • average impact • high techno impact
  10. 10. Step up to Saxion. What is a scenario?• Describes daily actions an • your daily work activities employee performs to get a • from employee perspective specific result. • simplified representation• The most productive way to do the task and to make maximum • selective knowledge required use of technological tools • connecting technology, available. behavior and organization• 3 aspects in a combined in working agreements approach: – The situation and the goal – The behavior and agreements necessary – The tools used
  11. 11. Step up to Saxion. Training aspects for a scenario• Why do we use this scenario ? (need to change)• Work agreements• How do I make use of the tools ? (buttons training)• Where can I find more information ?
  12. 12. Step up to Saxion. Manage meetings efficiently with Connect• Why meeting efficiently ?• Why use Connect for meetings?• How? – speaker / chairman – participant• What – Connect Activities – Lotus Notes Activity plugin• Example
  13. 13. Step up to Saxion. prepare meet central online storage process actions
  14. 14. Step up to Saxion. Why meeting efficiently? • Make better use of your/their valuable time • Make meetings more purposeful, targeted (goal) • Transform meetings into a ‘place and moment’ where decisons are made • Less pressure on your (busy) agenda • Less need for meeting rooms • Less emails with attachmentsThe result is a more efficient and effective meeting culture with clearagreements and a central (digital) place for sharing and collaborating onmeeting information, accessible from any device, any time and anywhere.
  15. 15. Step up to Saxion. Why use Connect for meetings?You• No more searching through different folders, mailbox and shared drives: always have all recent meeting information in one digital overview, such as the meeting agenda, actions, decisions, documents, discussions and announcements;• Share additional information before and after the meeting• Present the meeting information during the meeting, using a beamer / TV / laptops / tablets.• Save time (and money) in printing meeting information before and after the meeting• Seamless integration between Lotus Notes and Connect with the Lotus Notes Activity plugin: – Show Connect ToDos in your Lotus Notes Calendar – Drag and Drop information from Lotus Notes into the meeting ActivitySaxion• By doing their work (collaborating around meetings) employees are contributing information. This will automatically enrich their Profile with their expertise and builds the collaborative brain of the organisation. Colleagues can better find expertise and experts.
  16. 16. Step up to Saxion. Meeting efficiently: How? Chairman Before the meeting During the meeting Saxion Activity1. Create an Activity in Connect well Present the Activity in Connect on a before the meeting screen if not everybody has a (see next slide): laptop/iPad.• The agenda and minutes;• Proposed decisions (maybe with links to discussion in a Forum in Connect) Start with the goal of the meeting, the• Decisions; agreements and the agenda items.• Actions (To Do’s);• Put all the information in the Activity (files, information, location etc.). Discuss progress and decisions. NB: Prevent lengthy discussions as much2. reserve a room with projector/TV, two as possible.computers and internet connection.3. inform your colleagues: Edit information on the go and create• Invite your colleagues through Lotus minutes in the Activity in Connect on a Notes Calendar and link to the Activity; 2nd laptop/pc/iPad.• Describe the purpose of the meeting;• Clarify the agreements / way of working; Stop doing:• Describe what is expected of • Send meeting information, updates, and documents through participants before and during the email; meeting. • New announcements during the meeting; • Lengthy discussions about information available before the meeting, decisions, minutes etc. through e-mail or during the meeting itself.
  17. 17. Step up to Saxion. Create and work in an Activity Chairman 1. Go to Apps Activities Start an Activity 2. Create Sections to structure. For example for each meeting date a separate section.3. Create an Entryfor each agendaitem and add 4. Create To Do’s with a corresponding item in thedocuments agenda, assigned to specific participants./information asattachments. 5. Create a section for (proposed) decisions. This list will span multiple meetings. Create an item in this section for each (proposed) decision.
  18. 18. Step up to Saxion. Meeting efficiently: How? Participant Before the meeting During the meeting Saxion1. Plan enough time for preparations. Activity 4. Be on time and be prepared.2. Make sure your Profile is complete. 5. Discuss progress and decisions. NB: Prevent lengthy discussions as3. Prepare the meeting: much as possible.• Read the information in the invitation (goal and agreements); 6. ! Tip for iPad or laptop user:• Go to the Activity in Connect and read all Create your own tasks and notes meeting information; during the meeting.• Add Comments to items or discussions;• Start (if desired) a discussion in a Forum that you link to from an item; 7. Create the minutes on the fly by• Want to add to the agenda? Add this to the adding text to the agenda items. meeting agenda item ‘announcements’; (one particpant only).• Add all documents as attachments to the corresponding item;• Do the tasks assigned to you and update the status. The past: • Send meeting information, updates, and documents through email; • New announcements during the meeting; • Lengthy discussions about information available before the meeting, decisions, minutes etc. through e-mail or during the meeting itself. No more printing meeting documents
  19. 19. Step up to Saxion. demo• Overview of the meeting Activity• Start a new meeting from a template• Use sections, items and todo’s• Use Lotus Notes Activities Sidebar to add emails• Use To Do Items view to display all To Do’s for this Activity (yours and other’s)• Use the Calendar overlay to display your To Do list from all Activities
  20. 20. Step up to Saxion. Example (link) Section with the agenda (and automatically minutes) for one meeting. Each meeting topic is a separate item in the agenda section.A To Do added to a agenda item. Section with Decisions is one list for multiple meetings
  21. 21. Step up to Saxion. From Lotus Notes
  22. 22. Step up to Saxion. With a tablet
  23. 23. Step up to Saxion. Like this